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Derpy's Choice


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Background: MLP Resource: Bgr 001 (generic background) by ZuTheSkunk

Idea by Vigilant Watch

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wow...what a twist...derpy a changeling....i can understand why shed seemingly do absolutely Anything to protect ditzy

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*Dragon Ball Z Theme song plays*

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top ten anime plot twists
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?!?!!!! And you were doing so well. :(
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What a twist!
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Twist emote study 2.0 Get it? Twist? Nvm...

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This is the comic that inspired me write Shifting Changelings.
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Another fact, which I just realized today:

I do know Vigilant Watch, the guy who had the idea (see description) personally, since he's a good friend of mine in IRC.

.... and since my name there is 'Changeling_Derpy'. Yeah, guess the rest of the story >.<

This is so cool though! :3
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Tell him I said thanks!
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Yep. This comment was what got the ball rolling. I do owe you an apology because I wanted to credit you for the inspiration. But I didn't Favorite your comic so I could easily find it and reference it to the readers when the comic got started. In the next page of Shifting, I will make sure you get credited.
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That's so cool :D
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That remind me Shifting Changelings Lies and Truths...
I love stories with Changeling Derpy :)
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