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Cutie Mark Crusaders: The Mark Awakens

Was up until 5 am working feverishly on this new design - one of my best so far, I think!  Enjoy :) And may the Mark be wiith you.

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Lightening-McQueen's avatar

Wow, that's so awesome!

SkalopultonDraw20's avatar
This is amazing!!!! I love that you chose Scootaloo as Han Solo! And I can hear the Star Wars Theme playing!
Heekipedia's avatar
Scoots Shoots First lol
HassouTobi27's avatar
Wait..... Scootaloo is Han Solo..... uh-oh
YoshiLuigiFan22's avatar
oh thats just awesome i needthisin my room im seeing the new movie tongiht
MidnightDarkness1's avatar
This is really good.
Why do you guys have to ruin everything?
Samuelthegreat1's avatar
Apple bloom dies.
awww, party pooper. :P
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
The Mark is indeed with them now. :iconcmc--scootaloo: :)

I want to have this as a poster on my wall! :D Can I buy a print from you? :)
UmitheMusicalPony's avatar
I would totally buy this!
X-x-Ephemeral-x-X's avatar
Brilliantly done. I really like the design you have going here; The force is strong in this drawing.
GoldenWorld59's avatar
Not trying to be an asshole but did this really have to exist? I mean I like how you drew the CMC but why Star Wars? Isn't there something that has more similarities to MLP out there than Star Wars?
handyj443's avatar
I find your lack of cross-overs... disturbing.
GoldenWorld59's avatar
Excuse me I don't really know what you mean by that?
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Applebloom and scootaloo (brohoof) #2 plz CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS REBELS!!!  Applebloom,sweetiebelle and scootaloo (smile) plz YAY!!!!
Darth vader peixl icon Kill the rebels.
Applebloom,sweetiebelle and scootaloo (omg) plz Uh......Nevermind.
cajobif's avatar
Babs is Chewbabska? Got it?

Lovely work
Quillamore's avatar
Oh my gosh, that sounds adorable~
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