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Commissions Open!

Are you interested in getting your own commission?  They start at just $25 - you could get an awesome picture of your ocs like this one!

Here are some more examples of commissions I've made.  If these strike your fancy, email or note me here on Deviantart for a price quote.

Battle for Equestria by artwork-tee  Seahawks Win the Big Game! by artwork-tee  Definitely Don't Mine at Night by artwork-tee  Brimstone vs. The Horde by artwork-tee  Twidragon by artwork-tee


Anthro commission - $20 for an anthro drawn with markers, +$5 to ship it to you.

Images are 8.5 x 11 in, drawn on bristol art board

Example 1  Example 2 (Saucy)  Example 3 (Saucy)

Link to buy an anthro commission

MLP badge commission - $20 for a pony or anthro drawn with markers, +$5 to ship to you

Images are approximately 5 x 8 in, drawn on bristol art board


Link to buy a badge commission

Digital Commission - $30 for OC or $25 for canon character

Includes sketch, coloring and shading.  Full size image emailed to you on completion.

Image resolution is your choice, up to 3000x5000 px

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 (Saucy) Example 5

Detailed price list for digital commissions:

Base price: $25 for one canon character, or $30 for one OC character.  Includes sketch, coloring and shading.


+$15 for each additional canon character

+$20 for each additional OC character

+$15 for a simple background

+$25 for a complex background

Price negotiable for special requests (such as super complex characters or a crowd of background ponies)

Link to buy an oc character with simple background

Link to buy a canon character with complex background

Link to donate a custom amount for a digital commission


This is a commission of two Fallout: Equestria OCs named Blazing Star and Little Star.  They travel the Equestrian wasteland as bounty hunters :D 

I had so much fun drawing this.  I've been learning a lot about how light works, and so I applied this knowledge in my attempt to accurately render the three primary light sources in this image.  As the commissioner requested, the alicorn's design is inspired by Krieg from the Borderlands games.  

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September PMV Background - Destroyed Ponyville by Helhoof
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Hey, are they open? :D