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Commission: I'm not as Look as I Drunk


A commission I recieved while at Buck Con!


:iconberrypunchplz: "I swear to occifer, drunk, I'm not Celestia!"


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God for me the only way I can forget I'm absolutely miserable is drinking heavy amounts of alcohol
SweetNikky12's avatar
Hey there! Not to be rude but PLEASE check out my profile! Watch me please! ITS FREE!!!!
CyberfoxVII's avatar
...A little desperate, are we?
theroyalpain79's avatar
Yep! You've got to love a nice swig or five, of Applejack Daniel's. LOL Been there done that! LOL Now I keep seeing ponies everywhere! Um, is that a problem? Um, even pink talking ones! LOL

Just kidding! Love the artwork. Go Berry Punch! :iconberrypunchplz: The other party pony of Ponyville! :icondrunkplz: The only one that parties so hard she can't even remember what happened the morning after. LOL
NellzDaBlackKing's avatar
Confound these drinks. They drive me to ponies.
gungly's avatar
u look drunk all da time ㅎㅎㅎㅎ #nowplaying Dillon Francis - Drunk all the Time (Feat. Simon Lord) (Rebirth)
waraiigoe's avatar
Hilarious! ^w^
Let's drink until we can't feel feelings anymore!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
And she wouldn't have it any other way.
jbeach3469's avatar
This will probably be me reacting to humanity when I'm old enough to drink.
Goldymarg's avatar
Ah, the Bronystate anthem...
AceBlazewing's avatar
It's kinda funny, the way Berry looks sitting like that. I'd imagine she's more of a wine gal, but does that still give you a beer belly?

*ba-dum tssh*
TheRealForlong's avatar
I'm pretty sure it's her alcoholism that drives her to drink.
karkovice1's avatar
EVERYTHING drives you to drink, Berry Punch. :P

BTW, I like a little snort of the ol' Jack Daniels, every once in a while. :)
DonnEStarside's avatar
Applejack Daniels. Nice.
Anybronym0ti0n's avatar
Bartender: Mrs.Berry, I think you had enough.
Berry Punch: N-no, I ha-have the p-perfect way to kno-ow when I have to go!
Bartender: And what is that?
Berry Punch: Simple, I drink a feeew glasses, a-and look a my hus-hu-band's picture, when he looks hands-oome, it's when I know I had enough!
artwork-tee's avatar
Bartender: ..... Fair enough. Continue.

(Posted by Fidelis)
brony4all's avatar
HEy BarTender Give Me A Whole Bottle Of Applejack danels 
templar127's avatar
Drinkin' mah Jack Daniels!!
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