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Commission: Chrome Poni

By artwork-tee
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Future commissioners take note: this is the type of image that I do if you tell me "I want you to draw this character you enjoy.  Draw it any way that you like."  The commission was of the Google Chrome pony.  After giving it some careful thought, I decided to do a crossover with Tron: Legacy.  The original design of the chrome pony can be seen here: 

This will also be available as a poster at Bronycon!  Pick it up at our booth, and get a free hug while you're at it :)

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Centaur71's avatar
Man, I sure miss the My Little Netsurfer series; that was soooo FUN!
AKSandler's avatar
I got my poster at FanEXPO in Dallas, you owe me a hug dude
Nuke21's avatar
That's, amazing.
sudofox's avatar
This is amazing, wowz...that is, wow
GothamScarecrow's avatar
Lovely pose, Chrome. Now go see Opera, she could use some friends right now.
TheNeoStrike's avatar
I F****n LOVE Tron Legacy... XD
look at my gallery you'll see what I mean Xp
AxselGit's avatar
Hey! I'm the commissioner.

Nice work! Thank you! It's so awesome :3

TRON was a really good movie too! ^_^

This would actually be a really awesome Pony animation, not that I think about it. TRON ponies.
TheNeoStrike's avatar
way to go.. I've got 2-3 commission ideas, we're planning on  doing after Ponycon ^^
inspired by the movie.. AND you. ^-^ Thank you
artwork-tee's avatar
:D I'm so glad you like it :) 
gungly's avatar
chrome vs tron ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
artwork-tee's avatar
gungly's avatar
u r very kind by replyin' all ma thang ㅋㅋㅋ
10art1's avatar
I bought this from you at bronycon :D
10art1's avatar
Nice meeting you though. I was the guy cosplaying as google chrome (mod of ) and it was nice meeting you ^^; always great to meet artists in the fandom.
LightReading2's avatar
tell Tron that MLP has hit the grid.
waraiigoe's avatar
artwork-tee's avatar
Woahhhh duuuude
Athelind's avatar
So would the Internet Explorer pony be based on Snips, or Snails?
artwork-tee's avatar
It would be based on Fluttershy because she can't fly
Blackwing320's avatar
Seems IE's personality is based loosely on Derpy/Ditzy, physically I'm not sure who.……
Tokksic-SAMA's avatar
Wow..really cool..
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