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Comic: Title Redacted

By artwork-tee

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Let's be honest: it can be really tricky bringing humor to a tough situation like this. It was a massive deal to the brony fandom, but we do understand that there are complex factors which must be taken into account when it comes to running a business as large as Hasbro. To be honest, it was the nicest and most apologetic cease and desist letter I've read (and I've read a particularly harsh one from a gaming company to a brony). We don't like it, but they let jananimations keep the bronies documentary song and Don't Mine at Night, so that's a start. Anyways, enjoy the comic! ~Boardgamebrony

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skullcrusher107's avatar
i think sweetie scared him off
chasey1237's avatar
Disgusting Sweetie Belledo you know where button is ms. buttons mom?
:iconbuttonsmomangry2plz:no and nobody is telling me were
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:I WANNA SPEAK TO HASBRO
hasbro: yes?     
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:WHERE IS BUTTON!
hasbro: he is going throught "trials"
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:WHAT TRIALS!
hasbro: he is dead
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:YOU ASSHOLE! WHY DID YOU MURDER MY SON!
hasbro: he has been being shiped with sweetie belle
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:*kicks hasbro and breaks all his bones*
:iconsweetiebellemagicplz:*finishes the job*
:iconbuttonsmomangry2plz:thanks sweetie belle      
ebtrain-bronyboy's avatar
OK That would just be Awesome
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
If they changed art style I bet they'd let him have it back. 
MLPMVGuy's avatar
Hasbro. You. Smiling. Blue. Face. MOTHER FU-
rbskullhead's avatar
poor sweatie bell
rbskullhead's avatar
so whats the story about
artwork-tee's avatar
rbskullhead's avatar
spike dosent want to see her
artwork-tee's avatar
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superswagmlg's avatar
Damn you Hasbro! DAMN. YOU.
tails208's avatar
Aww that mess up
celticsorcerer1's avatar
Oops, I'm dead. In my fanfictions I ship Button with Sweetie Belle.
demodoqqo's avatar
Lol only reason I know who Button Mash is is because the Don't Mine at Night MLP version XD
demodoqqo's avatar
So I'm NOT alone =D
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