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Comic: Title Redacted

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Let's be honest: it can be really tricky bringing humor to a tough situation like this. It was a massive deal to the brony fandom, but we do understand that there are complex factors which must be taken into account when it comes to running a business as large as Hasbro. To be honest, it was the nicest and most apologetic cease and desist letter I've read (and I've read a particularly harsh one from a gaming company to a brony). We don't like it, but they let jananimations keep the bronies documentary song and Don't Mine at Night, so that's a start. Anyways, enjoy the comic! ~Boardgamebrony

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skullcrusher107Hobbyist Artist
i think sweetie scared him off
chasey1237's avatar
Disgusting Sweetie Belledo you know where button is ms. buttons mom?
:iconbuttonsmomangry2plz:no and nobody is telling me were
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:I WANNA SPEAK TO HASBRO
hasbro: yes?     
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:WHERE IS BUTTON!
hasbro: he is going throught "trials"
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:WHAT TRIALS!
hasbro: he is dead
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:YOU ASSHOLE! WHY DID YOU MURDER MY SON!
hasbro: he has been being shiped with sweetie belle
iconbuttonsmomangryplz:*kicks hasbro and breaks all his bones*
:iconsweetiebellemagicplz:*finishes the job*
:iconbuttonsmomangry2plz:thanks sweetie belle      
ebtrain-bronyboy's avatar
OK That would just be Awesome
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
SonicTheHedgeTrimmerHobbyist Filmographer
If they changed art style I bet they'd let him have it back. 
MLPMVGuy's avatar
Hasbro. You. Smiling. Blue. Face. MOTHER FU-
rbskullhead's avatar
so whats the story about
rbskullhead's avatar
spike dosent want to see her
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superswagmlg's avatar
Damn you Hasbro! DAMN. YOU.
tails208's avatar
Aww that mess up
celticsorcerer1's avatar
celticsorcerer1Hobbyist Writer
Oops, I'm dead. In my fanfictions I ship Button with Sweetie Belle.
demodoqqo's avatar
demodoqqoHobbyist Artist
Lol only reason I know who Button Mash is is because the Don't Mine at Night MLP version XD
NightskyMagic's avatar
NightskyMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
me too XD
demodoqqo's avatar
demodoqqoHobbyist Artist
So I'm NOT alone =D
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