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Comic: This Ship Sails Itself


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:iconrarityplz: Do you really mean it, Applejack-chan!?
:iconapplejackplz: Yes, I have always loved you, Rarity-chan!
:iconrarityplz: Let us snuggle, Applejack-chan.
:iconapplejackplz: Yes, indeed, Rarity-chan.

Made with the help of the wonderful :iconterminuslucis: Stellarsynthesis.  She's going to be helping me get comics out to you guys more regularly, so go check out her DA :) www.stellarsynthesis.deviantar…

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When Cartoon Meets Anime
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Best comic strip ever!! This can't be more true!
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Oh my gosh so true. Hahahahaha!
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Can I use your comic for a comic dub please?
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Oh Japan... :XD::XD::XD:
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I vouch for the accuracy of this :D
Best ship! <3
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Yup pretty much what 90% of the fandom sees.
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Comic: Rainbow Dash Writes a Fanfic by artwork-tee
Taking the concepts of these two comics and we have - Rainbow Dash writes another Fanfic.
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Eeyup, it's pretty much true. 
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Hey, just a heads up, I clicked on the StellarSynthesis link and it said that the website wasn't safe. Might wanna fix that ^^"

cute comic btw, loved it :>
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its because of the redundant www, da page links don't use www
Well, let's be honest. There's no romance intended with or for any of the mane 6 in the series, and bronies want to see a romance for at least some if not all of the pairs. So of course they reinterpreted what the series did show, used whatever they could as shipping material, and filled in the rest with imagination.
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i guess the bronies were exagGAYrating

Loud House - Luan is just browsing 
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wew XD 

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That line, as well as

"Oh Rainbow Dash, you don't have to hide your feelings from me!" 

From Lesson Zero (S2 EP3) has been well misunderstood.
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ahahahahah xD ya hahahaha 

just check out
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First panel: What the show says.
Second panel: How everyone else interprets it.
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