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Comic: The Replacement


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An awesome comic idea submitted by a fan!  I absolutely loved the Rainbow Falls episode and am so glad that Derpy is back to stay!
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Used elements from screenshots from the show as well as my own drawings.
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oh nooooooooooooooooooos
MidnightInkpaw's avatar
The bandage on her head makes it look like she’s a victim of cancer
BoneHeadTheSkeleton's avatar
derpy to the rescue xd
Ellenphantionhive's avatar
Oh...nuu...why derpy?!?!
peoplesdaglaceon's avatar
Uhmmmm.... is that Derpy who took the mane...?! OH MAI GAWSH
TotallyN0tAnArtist's avatar
That's quite disturbing...
Gilla64's avatar
Well, thats fucked up
This is good. But we need to go deeper. Ideally: ultra fat Suiseiseki in a wolf-like furry-costume... amputating some pony's legs.
RF-Switch's avatar
This is dark....
SamueldaSnivy's avatar
Just use hair dye or spray paint. lol
Yoshi1889's avatar
. . . oml poor rainbow dash...
Daydream-Silverbird's avatar
...I have no words to this...Lol
garageguy's avatar
BubblesTheCuteOne's avatar
OMG XD mind if I do a comic dub to this? XD I'll make sure give you credit and share a link when I'm done X3
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artwork-tee's avatar

just check out
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I just don't get why Derpy couldn't have dyed her own mane like Rainbow's... I mean, similar style, same length. Plus, Derpy is far too kind to shave Rainbow Dash's mane off. I know based off of that Slice of Life stuff that she wouldn't do that and she's not as dumb as portrayed either. She's just a shy, clumsy delivery mare. 

Even though I do admit I get a bit mad from time to time when people do this, there's still a few comics that make me laugh. This however... -_-
artwork-tee's avatar
haha Nice . and great i'm glad that you like it :) 
Cinnamon-Swirls's avatar
XD It isn't THAT bad. Plus, I know you made this before the episode aired. Don't worry, I get the reference, I'm just not that big of a fan of Derpy being portrayed as a dumb blonde. 

No hate. I'm just expressing how I feel, because sometimes I just feel the need to get it out of my system...
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its okay :) no hard feelings :D just make it fly 
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