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Comic: The Passing of Seasons

By artwork-tee

  Comic: Sisters in Spirit by artwork-tee
Comic: The Only Way to Save Equestria by artwork-tee 

:iconponylaught1::iconponylaught2::iconponylaught3: Thanks for a great season, everypony! Let's continue the adventure together.  Subscribe on DeviantArtFacebook and Tumblr for new artwork EVERY DAY during the hiatus between season 4 and 5! ~Drawponies

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CHALLENGE: by my count there are 35 distinct references in this comic.  How many can you spot?  Write as many as you can in the comments (without peeking at other people's comments or the references list in this description until after you're finished)!

Achievement levels:

:iconmlppoundcake: 1. Baby Cakes - Name 5 of the references!
:iconscootaderpplz: 2. Cutie Mark Crusader - Name 10 of the references!
:iconwhywubwooplz: 3. Wonderbolts Trainee - Name 15 of the references!
:iconapplejackhatmunchplz: 4. Apple Family Member - Name 20 of the references!
:iconderpyblushplz: 5. Derpy's Best Friend - Name 25 of the references!
:icontwilightblushplz: 6. Student of Celestia - Name 30 of the references!
:icontwilacorn: 7. Alicorn Princess - Name 35 of the references!

Made with help by the awesome Stellarsynthesis here on deviantART! :iconterminuslucis: Check her out:…

Not surprisingly, to make such a big comic, we used a lot of resources from Deviantart and other parts of the brony community.  Here are all of the resources that we used: 

Screenshots from My Little Pony

Fluffle Puff In A Box by chanceH96  Fluffle Puff is of course the OC of Mixermike, and you should definitely go check out his Tumblr and videos about her.…

Screenshot from SWAG.MOV for R-Dash 5000 head.  Character and art created by Hotdiggedydemon…

Button Mash hat and juice box by Jananimations…

The quote from Rainbow Dash is a line from “Turnabout Storm,” a web series on this channel:…

(All four of the the above artists are incredibly talented and make highly entertaining videos.  Please go support them and their amazing work!)

MLP Resource: Muffin by ZuTheSkunk

Rainbow Dash by Shelmo69

MLP : FiM / Pint of cider (svg) by Saveman71

Power Ponies Comic Book by NavitasErusSirus

Shop Tshirts:

Commissions Open:…

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Let's see:

  1. Elements of Harmony book (Friendship is Magic)

  2. GGG Tickets (The Ticket Master)

  3. Jacket ???

  4. Muffins for Derpy

  5. EquestriaDaily

  6. Parasprite (Swarm of the Century)

  7. Turnip (Party of One)

  8. Golden Wings ???

  9. Rainbow Dash Robot Head (

  10. Cider (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000)

  11. Discord's Chocolate Milk (The Return of Harmony)

  12. Spike's Gemstone (Secret of My Excess)

  13. SweetieBot (Friendship is Witchcraft)

  14. Smarty Pants (Lesson Zero)

  15. StarSwirl the Bearded's Hat Costume (Luna Eclipsed)

  16. Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone (Read it and Weep)

  17. FlufflePuff/PFUDOR (FlufflePuff/Andrew HUANG)

  18. Lead Pony Badge (Wonderbolt Academy)

  19. Discord Lamp (Keep Calm and Flutter on)

  20. Pony Headdress (Equestria Girls)

  21. Crystal Heart (The Crystal Empire)

  22. Seabreeze (It ain't Easy being Breezies)

  23. Vampire Fruit Bat (Bats!)

  24. Mane-iac (Power Ponies)

  25. Tree Chest (Princess Twilight Sparkle)

  26. Rusty Horseshoe (Sleepless in Ponyville)

  27. Filly's Hat (Daddy Discord)

  28. Button Mash's Juice Box (Don't Mine at Night)

  29. Spike's Rarity Shirt (Green isn't your Color)

  30. Rainbow's Allergy ???

  31. Oh My Goodness! - Fluttershy's Quote

  32. M.A. Larson kills Twilight

  33. Pinkie's Alicorn Props ???

  34. Mane 6 Group Hug + Spike

  35. I Worry About You, Candice Meme

Anything missing/mistakes? I forgot the names of some of those references.

Love the FiW shout out!  XD
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<3  Here's hoping we get at least one more season after season 8!  I have mixed feelings about the show ending---it's got to end somehow, after all, regardless of whether there's a season 10 or not!

But yes---let's look back at the previous seasons and never forget them!
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SET PHASERS TO HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hahaha OMG!! :D

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Sweetie bot: I have strength inside of me that you even know what I do, IF THE WORLD DOESNT LOVE THAT ILL TEACH YOU FEAR ME INSTEAD 
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Crush kill destroy swag
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wew nice speech ":D 
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Isn't the Rainbow Dash robot head from a clopfic or something like that? O.o
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It's from

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This right here. This is what should happen should they announce the series finale. A trip down memory line, highlighting the good and the bad of their adventures, proving for the final time that friendship truly is magic.
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Sounds like a good idea~

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12 references considering i'm only in season 4, i don't know whether that's good or not!
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That's quite alright. Over half are fan references as well over the years. 

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lol pinkie breaking the 4th wall again!
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She knows all and sees all. She's the pink pony Equestria deserves~
She is, Pinkie Pie!

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28 references.

I feel prouder than I probably should.
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i got alicorn princess! YAY!
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