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Comic: The Only Way to Save Equestria


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:iconderpy-hooves: For my first decree as princess ...
:iconderpymuffinplz: Free muffins for everypony!

:iconpinkiepienoesplz: Noooo!  Sugarcube Corner's new breakfast menu will be doomed!

:iconsugarderpymuffinplz: Nom nom nom nom

We made a sequel to this comic!  Check it out:  Princess Derpy Vs Tirek by artwork-tee

Princess Derpy is available as a shirt or hoodie on my Redbubble store.
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This is hillarious xD

Honestly the plan of hiding their magic in someone in general is STUPID. Absolutely stupid, I hated how Luna didn't object at all to such a crappy plan. Its riskier hiding all the magic in one pony. If Tirek finds said pony, he will get all the magic in one fell swoop.

Also, nothing is stopping Tirek from doing anything to the princesses even if they don't have magic. He could have killed them or use them as hostages to make the pony harboring the magic to show themselves.

Best princess ever. Hail Princess Derpy!

MysteryPony18's avatar

Let’s hop she uses her godlike princess powers for good.

BrightBulb13's avatar

this actually makes more sense than what actually happened

all hail derpy princess of muffins

AskGoverntale's avatar
LPSRoseThorne's avatar
It's actually a very smart idea! Since Hasbro tries to censor Derpy, It would be hard for Tirek to find her since she would be censored!
(I do love Derpy. I may not like her being censored, All i'm saying it's kinda smart on a Pinkie Pie lvl)
Ramanutala's avatar
The princess of Muffins, so dam cute.
Netheris-Queen's avatar
Make way for the MOOFIN QUEEN!!!!!
here's a funny "muffin princess" video:…
artwork-tee's avatar
Woaw! this is great :D 

just check out
LilllyEevee's avatar
better princess then twilight
if Drepy has a castle it would be a muffin like right?
she be second on my princess list 
artwork-tee's avatar
Depend on your own perspective HAHA :D 
AmberliaDraw's avatar
artwork-tee's avatar
What a twist!

KionTheLion's avatar
Now everypony is doomed to a horrible demise.
demodoqqo's avatar
Lol Derpy's crown is a muffin, just like her life... Not to mention DERPY HOW DID YOU BECOME THE MUFFIN PRINCESS *jawdrop*
Hello546's avatar
Annnnnd that was the way FiM ended..... Jk
littlecuteloki's avatar
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