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Comic: The Courage to Jump


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Pinkie and Big Mac prove this is exactly how you should live your life. By jumping out of planes and hoping to land in cherry-filled buckets. It's a metaphor. ~Boardgamebrony

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Let me guess... they survived because of Pinkie logic.
Meluhaj's avatar
And so pinkie kills herself.
Undertalelover2000's avatar
Omg, I got scared for a sec!Nuu Nuu 
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JadeWinchester's avatar
Can't stop laughing!
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Lol poor Cherry Jubille
spiritroseAJ's avatar
when i saw SPLAT i thought it was blood!
CheesycheeseoCheese's avatar
When I saw SPLAT
I was like: NOOO PINKIE eh big mac died
MathematicGreen's avatar
Instead they fell into a bucket of cherries.
MathematicGreen's avatar
CheesycheeseoCheese's avatar
Cheery Jubille isnt for sure
Abi-Sain's avatar
And thats how cheery jam was made.
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