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Comic: Spike's Fantasy


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:iconpinkieismindfckedplz: I WANT A CREAM DREAM!

:iconnightmarelunaplz: Again? You ponies have SERIOUS food addictions...

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Applebloom will just keep making this face until you do.  
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Rarity looks like she just got pulled out of whatever her favorite dream is. As for the costume I'm guessing wonderwoman.
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Is this based on MLP'ality?
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In world of pure imagination 
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"She's naked Spike, that's enough."
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And Sweetie Belle, COME ON!!Sweetie Belle triste 
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:iconstayforbrunch3plz: :iconstayforbrunch9plz: :StayForBrunch15plz: :iconstayforbrunch19plz: :iconstayforbrunch24plz: :iconstayforbrunch30plz:
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Rarity's confused expression prompts me to believe that she's the real Rarity..

And she wasn't even asleep..

Or anywhere near her bed.
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Even Luna's patience has limits. X3
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
You got ice cream and Rarity, don't be greedy Spike! XD
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Ironically it was Luna who mentioned her first.
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Yep. My Luna needs more lines, as well as screen time.
Xemnas-sama's avatar
The royal plot needs more attention! XD
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
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You adore her "moons" a lot. X3
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
You know it! XD

My game finally came in, and despite not having played it in a couple years, i wasn't too rusty at it, my only problem is, funny enough, what my previous problem was on the game prior to it.

Game: Your task, collect a set number of one item(Neutrino Medals) that are scattered throughout the world in secret hidden spots.

Me: HA! Too simple, and with the book, it will be a cake walk. How many do I have again? 29/30?! Well heck, I'm practically done! :D

*Time Skip*

Me: Where the Hell is that last Medal??????!!!!!!! XO Fine, what about the treasure chest?

Game(Black Box): There are 362 treasure chest in the world, inlcuding this one, you opened 355! Come back when you've opened the rest!

Me: Ummm.......okay?

Game(BB): Guess What, You still need to open 6 more chests before you can open me, Good Luck trying to remember which ones you need and separating them from the 355 you already got! XD

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Lots of games bother you with the same crap brother, pray that it is not a freaking glitch that can ruin your whole progress.
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