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Comic: Rainbow Dash Writes a Fanfic

By artwork-tee

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3 days of work!  Whew! :D  I am really pleased with this comic.  Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, and it was so much fun to write and draw what she would write about herself.  Many laughs were had during the 15+ hours I livestreamed drawing this.

This time around I'm going to try to answer some of your questions before you have to ask :D

You: Black outlines!?
Me: I'm developing a new, faster coloring style with the black outlines.  I can color much faster this way and make more colored art for you guys.  

You: Where is Rarity? 
Me: I wanted to include Rarity in the last panel but ran out of space.  Sorry about that XD

You: There's a mistake!
Me: Yes I know there are mistakes in this image.  I could make it perfect, but it would take another week of work.  Also if you don't like the writing, that's okay.  *Constructive* criticism is appreciated.

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Backgrounds by MLP-Vector-Collabs
Background by Martinnus1
Also used a couple vectors and screen caps from show for pose references.
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Still a better story than "Newbie Dash."

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And the fandom fizzled out, and the world lived happily ever after!
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Nah. The show's just on extra-long hiatus.  Better luck next time.
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My lucks always good, sperg pony man. ;)
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Rainbow Dash is indeed an attractive pony, both for her talents and appearance. 
artwork-tee's avatar
Absolutely <3

 just check out
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Rainbow: "So, how'd you like my story?  Go on, tell me how you liked the ending!"
Twilight: "Just like that, huh?"
Applejack: "Ah'm startin' to worry about you, RD."
Fluttershy: "Spitfire just fired them!?  That's awful! T_T"
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Spike: "I liked the ending the most. Because it meant the story was over."
TechZeroPyro's avatar
Statler and Waldorf from "the Muppets": OH HO HO HO HO!
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Alternate beginning: Once upon a time, everyone dies. THE END.

Rating: -.00000000001
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Applejacks face explains how I feel about RD.
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Oh she's not that bad. She's just really really REALLY confident.

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Pinkie Pie reaction is the best!
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but why soarin why dashie why?MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Stumped Dunno Shrug MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad 
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A couple years later. 

Twilight, "Didn't you also have a fanfic where you beat up and utterly humiliated Gilda and Trixie?"

Rainbow Dash, "Oh I liked that one so much I wrote an expanded version. See?"

Gilda, "Hey ponies."

Trixie, "Trixie is here for those 'friendship lessons' you offered."

Gilda, "Hey Dash, that something you wrote? Oh I've got to read this!"

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