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Comic: Mane 6 React To Socks (With Dialogue)

A different take on our old "React to Socks" comic - We made this version of this comic with dialog but never posted it.  We thought that it worked even more powerfully without dialog - but I thought that some of you might like to see it.  In fact, this was a comic we made just as season 4 ended, so it's a bit of a throwback here for the end of the hiatus XD

Here's the original version:  Comic: Mane 6 React To Socks by artwork-tee

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Twilight is like- I can’t go anywhere with those socks. I hate them.

imyouknowwho's avatar
applejack want the rarity booty 
CanadianBrony10's avatar
No. No she doesn't.
imyouknowwho's avatar
the picture says other wise
4-Chap's avatar
Rainbow Dash saying "Get these things off of me!" makes met think about
Lord Dargus yelling "SMITHIE!!! Get this thing off of me!"
Edward256's avatar
And it all started with Minty's sock collection from G3... :p
artwork-tee's avatar
haha yeah :)

just check out
Edward256's avatar
Looks like quite the business. :)
Chrzaszczyrzewoszyce's avatar
I thought fluttershy would be happy from socks too.
Love the reactions from them...but no Lyra Heartstrings😆😆😆.
T3R3Z1-1S-4W3SOM3's avatar
Apple Jacks face 10/10
Derpyfan99's avatar
huh. interesting
solid32's avatar
As always Pinkie only see the fun part of everything.:happybounce: 
artwork-tee's avatar
I think she'd be a really fun friend to have. :)

(Posted by Moderator Boardgamebrony)
solid32's avatar
Agree, she is so active and always want to have fun, and who doesn't want the same?
startermania's avatar
Rairity, I don't think Applejack is looking at the socks......
LotsaSpaghetti123's avatar
artwork-tee's avatar
George Takei: "ohhhhhh mai..."

(Posted by Moderator Boardgamebrony)
ChaosDrgon's avatar
That was not the reaction I thought Twilight would have.
artwork-tee's avatar
It's cause Horn sock. :P

(Posted by Moderator Boardgamebrony)
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