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Comic: Mane 6 React To Socks


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Version with dialog:  Comic: Mane 6 React To Socks (With Dialogue) by artwork-tee

:iconspikethinkingplz: Hey Rarity! Watcha do...

:icondude2plz: !!!

:iconspikeblushplz: ...

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why do i get the feeling that applejack is bi
rexthebest2233's avatar
But that had socks so nope 
MLPMVGuy's avatar
*looks at the applejack and rarity moment*

*trying to resist not to make a "dat flank" joke*
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hahahha Great! :)

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green isn't your colour...
artwork-tee's avatar
hahaha :D maybe it is now :D
MLPMintySparks's avatar
these are my fave ships xD
artwork-tee's avatar
DasWeirdo's avatar
Twilight tho... Lol
Me as a pony (imma re-create my character cuz i don't want to be those idiots with some dark oc and s***):
PinkamenaDev's avatar
Apple Jack tho XD
sirredwall63's avatar
AppleJack " dat plot!"
MiragePotato's avatar
applejack is like:
someponylikeyou's avatar
Zannolin's avatar
Rarity and Fluttershy look nice
AJ: Dat ass!!!

Rarity: Isn't it, darling?

Me: XD
SkyWarrior03's avatar
Me: *Scoots over to you* Want some socks? :dummy:
SkyWarrior03's avatar
That was totally random I'm sorry xD
Heh, it's cool. XD
TempistWielder's avatar
Rainbow Dash Rainbow dash says "OM NOM NOM"
OM NOM NOM (derp)
GolliatTaillog's avatar
In this version you realise Rarity is actually like: "Do you like what you see?"/"Oh my, I didn't know you kicked your apples that way Jacky..."
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