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Comic: How Pinkie Pie Found Gummy



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It is my belief that gummy is not an alligator at all, but actually a tiny Cragadile. He's just a runt, that's all. ~Boardgamebrony

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aww this is so cute!
pinkie mom!
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Gummy:   The pink creature proceeded to worship me like a god. Taking me away from the drill and bore of the swamp to a castle of delectable nourishment. When I become ruler of the universe, she shall be my queen
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Hi! I love your comic and can I dub it on my channel? I’ll credit you.
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Of course :) Go ahead
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D'aww!  This is totally in Pinkie's character, too!
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Hark to the tale of Gummy,
And the mare he loved so dear!
They became the best of friends
For years and years and years!

I couldn't resist! :giggle:
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Same here :D

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Aww so cute. But poor gummy. He has no mommy
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Your right he's nust like Spike
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CHANGLING *Pulls out a shotgun*
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Glad you enjoyed
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