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Comic (En Francais): You're Not You When...

Translated by GamesPlayer975 / RockinBrony :iconrockinbrony:! Thanks GamesPlayer975! ~Boardgamebrony

Do you speak multiple languages?  Many more of my comics need your translation expertise!  Check them out in the  COMICS GALLERY.  If you translate a comic, feel free to note me on Deviantart with the image and I will be happy to post it on the page.  Thanks!

English version here:

Comic: You're Not You When You're in Withdrawal by artwork-tee


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Well, I kind of understood that. I'm just glad french is very similar to Spanish.
artwork-tee's avatar
RockinBrony's avatar
No problem drawponies!! :D

(It's meh, GamesPlayer975 x3)
artwork-tee's avatar

sweetness! Thank you for the translation!

I'll put your da name in the comic credit now. : )
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Where's the original one?D8
artwork-tee's avatar

Ah, sorry bout there. Here ya go.

Comic: You're Not You When You're in Withdrawal by drawponies
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Discord-Drocsid's avatar
I can't tell. Are they girls or are they guys.
artwork-tee's avatar
Discord-Drocsid's avatar
huh. here i thought Pip was a penguin.
AkromaSt's avatar
Most of the time, rounded tiny mouth mean mare, bigger and rectangular mouth mean stallion. Except for princesses.
Discord-Drocsid's avatar
What's a rectangle?
AkromaSt's avatar
A rectangle is a four-sided flat shape where every angle is a right angle.

...Or was my english so bad you didn't understand what I meant ?
Talancir's avatar
you're not well practices with telling gender on ponies with clothes. 
Discord-Drocsid's avatar
AkromaSt's avatar
hm now i understand  LMFAO kitty 

(such a mean icon)
Discord-Drocsid's avatar
took you long enough
AkromaSt's avatar
The time to read your second comment.
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