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Comic: Discord x Maud Pie


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Bet you didn't know about Maud and Discord's rocky relationship... *sigh* ~Boardgamebrony

Made with the help of the wonderful Stellarsynthesis

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I'm surprised Maud didn't end up breaking up with Mudbriar after he turned back to normal
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Ha ha, that is funny.
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Maud is all about the Rocks And thats not all. I have custody of the children.
Discord (okay okay) plz Maud no....please...not the kids!!!!
Maud is commenting Come on, say bye to daddy

Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Rock 2 Bye daddy!
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LOL! This is, so.... Oh, man! A 4.7 at least!
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Thank you so very much for watching my page! Watched you back :) If you're interested in commissions, we have some slots open.… Have a wonderful day!
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You're welcome! And you too!
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Headcanon accepted.
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Maud is slightly confused I am very sad.......I'll miss your rock hard skin
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Wow, I never thought about Maud's love for rocks and Discord being that handsome stone statue!
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