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Comic: Cutie Markless Crusaders


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The only clear photo ref for the cutie mark vault I could find was an image by Pixelkitties, so that's what we used to get the design down.  Go fave her piece :D

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Bruhboi311's avatar

This should have happened lmao

CashWolf14's avatar

Have Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo learned nothing from Apple Bloom's Cutie Pox?

ToxicGhost58's avatar
It would've been funny if this actually happened in the show.
CashWolf14's avatar

Yeah, totally! But for the sake of making the story more enjoyable, The Mane 6 would be all powered up with the cutie marks of an entire town to take down Starlight once and for all. Y'know like Pinkie Pie using the marks of Party Favor and Sugar Belle, Rainbow Dash using Night Glider's, you get the idea

rexthebest2233's avatar
i like the Pokemon reference on scootaloo but the bow and arrow could have went on the knee to make an arrow to the knee skyrim reference 
Meowmeowmeow21's avatar
This is what you call "raiders of the lost mark" XDDD
CashWolf14's avatar

You mean "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"?

CashWolf14's avatar

You are aware that's the name of the 19th episode of Season 5, right?

Meowmeowmeow21's avatar

I haven't seen S5 in a really long time so I didn't remember

CashWolf14's avatar

Every season except the 9th and final season are available for streaming on Netflix, and if I had a dime for how many times I've rewatched them...well...well, I don't know what I'm gonna do with a dollar 10, but you get the idea

garageguy's avatar
This is one scheme they will dearly pay for.

Or, if you don't prefer "dear", you could try "cute."

-5 to 5, a 3.
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klevrock's avatar
More like Apple-horses, amirite? XD
artwork-tee's avatar
 hehe it depends on you :D
Wander-Heart's avatar
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Scootaloo no flying cutie mark
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