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Comic: Better Late than Never

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:icontwilighthey2plz: ...and that's when I realized I would become a princess, because I found I had the ability to banish Rainbow Dash to the moon!

By the way.  I know that in canon Rainbow Dash and Twilight may not have known each other as young ponies.  I made the creative choice to write this comic as if they had because it's cute and I like cute things XD


Made with help by the awesome Stellarsynthesis here on deviantART! :iconterminuslucis: Check her out:…

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Twilights Library Long Viewby BonesWolbach
inside ponyvillie school houseby matty4z
Sugarcube Corner roomby Patec
Daring Do Book Coverby Ocarina0fTimelord

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Hey, Twi, if I were you, I'd grab her and shove her face into a toilet. See how she likes it.
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Mariofan345 Digital Artist
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LivingOnLaughsStudent Digital Artist
Aww. Reminds me of Peppermint Patty and Marcie due to their personalities as a tomboy and a nerd
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meigsganHobbyist Digital Artist
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Let's send the book to the fire dimension
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bronnies are faggots
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Mariofan345 Digital Artist
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If so, what' the problem with that?
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NitrofiberHobbyist General Artist
Lamo rainbow dash XDDDDDD
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ivypaw11Student General Artist
this is. the truest thing ever

dont sleep on reading kids
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scpfoundation123shitStudent Digital Artist
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You just got to find the right one. Personally I am not into audiobooks.
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sallycat1304Student Digital Artist
poor twilight
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Midnight3WonderHobbyist General Artist
I can so relate to this, it's not even funny . . .Alice can't stand it (Emoticon) 
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KeithStrifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
funny thing is, isn't that actually what happened?
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This is so damn ADORABLE Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 
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TheArashiProfessional General Artist
I was the same way growing up
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queensevketHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh boy. We still haven't recovered from the MLP fandom, have we.
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