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Comic: Bats Without Pointless Drama


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I think the lesson we learned here is that if you do the right thing, you don't get to be a bat.

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FlareEmerald77's avatar
well that escalated quickly
JNinelives's avatar
People solving an issue without any kind of drama at all? That's not even possible! ^^
isabella7890's avatar
wait that are the pear's trees! thats why fluttershy's upset lol
artwork-tee's avatar
hahaha lol xD

just check out
demodoqqo's avatar
Lol yes the Flutterbat was kinda pointless, and this woulda just made the whole episode a lot easier.
Antogames's avatar
The story in a nutshell.
lupus1970's avatar
But but there'd be no uber sexy Flutterbat
LiquidBrickz's avatar
summary of a WHOLE episode...

Foxgearstudios's avatar
And then granny Smith come home and drove of the bats 
Fnafgirl25's avatar
EXACTLY WHAT SOULD HAPPEN :library: the more you know My Project 
LoveHeartMlp's avatar
Why isn't flutters/fluttershy happy?
Quadhands's avatar
Because she just realized that this removes Flutterbat from continuity, and there's going to be an online riot.
CommisarJhon's avatar
Always lisen to animal expert (Fluttershy) or you might create mess with magic and destroy entire apple farm. Trust me. MLP:Evil fluttershy nu srrsly
LoveHeartMlp's avatar
Found you by accident
CommisarJhon's avatar
DimitriWarchief123's avatar
Yeah but it wouldn't be as cool.... N FANART
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
Two bat sanctuaries? Soon, the whole farm will be given to various animals. I think Fluttershy's driving down the property value of Sweet Apple Acres and the price of apples up. What else does she have in the works?
RukarioTrainer's avatar
I guess since they were a menace to her and Fluttershy is over sensitive towards all animals she just thought Fluttershy would have been protective no matter what it was.
Chatterbeast's avatar
The saddest part about it is this is how most of us actually WANTED the episode to end, but what we got was a war between Applejack's and Fluttershy's ideas that was extremely close to costing them their friendship. But that doesn't mean the episode wasn't good. :D
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