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Comic: Applejacks Big Test


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And for the rest of her life, no matter what situations life threw at her, Applejack never learned anything whatsoever.  :iconapplejackplz: 

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would it be alright to do a comic dub of this? o:

SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
I can see that.

Multi-generation Family businesses don't get that way for complexity after all
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If only school worked like this.
Alcolm's avatar
This... explains a lot.
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Hello there ^^

I really enjoy your comics, they are extremely well made and well written ^^ I was wondering, would it be alright with you if I did a dub of this comic?  I would be sure to credit you in the video and description, and would link back to the original comic.  

Thank you very much for your consideration. c:

artwork-tee's avatar
Of course! Go right ahead
SparkleChord's avatar The comic dub is finished!  Terribly sorry for the long wait ^^; thank you very much for your patience. c:
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Worst Lesson Ever
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
I'm sure Applejack had to go to school somehow...!
PineyCreek's avatar
Many years later...

Applebloom: So that's why I have to go to school?

Applejack: Eeyup, somepony needs to know how to read in this family.
demodoqqo's avatar
Lol, Apples, Apples, and more Apples
AliceandAmy's avatar
XD It makes so much sense!!
JadeALade's avatar
XD Best thing ever
let her sleep dam it 
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Granny Smith: Ok, one last test
Granny Smith: What do you call a group of two apples
AJ: A pair! Beca-...
Granny Smith: So now you know that a group of 2 apples are apples!
Granny Smith: It's ok, sweetie, just don't say the name of the forbidden fruit again.
AJ: O-okay
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