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Background Mane 6 (at Sunset)

An alternate version of my earlier piece with the background mane 6 - this time with a sunset instead of the night sky. What do you think each character is thinking in this picture?

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Nin10Boy6464's avatar
can we call these guys the "Side 6"?
VectoredThrust's avatar
Yay, the Background Six ^^
artwork-tee's avatar
glad you enjoyed this art VectoredThrust 
MelStarpen's avatar
great, my group favorite after the mane 6
Fuzzette's avatar
Pants! XD Lyra~~
Ross42899's avatar
Yay. Best background ponies.

Lyra: Humaaaans
Derpy: Muffins
Doctor: Thinking about wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
Vinyl: Is having a a great idea for a new song
Octavia: Seriously, Vinyl?
Bon Bon: Time to save Equestria
farlanderwither's avatar
vinyl has no lower half. Illuminati confirmed.
TheRandomArtist1999's avatar
Background Mane 6 squad look so badass :D
Doctor whooves gets all dem mares.
pokemon-fireevee's avatar
I the Same picture, Now with 100% more Sun!

I'm just kidding, Great Picture!
hunterandspyro's avatar
julian0123's avatar
DonnEStarside's avatar
:iconlyraexcitedplz: Hey look, the humans! Check out my pants! 
:iconderpy-hooves: Where we goin' doc? 
:iconawesomewhoovesplz: To save Equestria Derpy.
:icondj-p0n3: Oh hey, it's those 'hoomans' Lyra's always talking about. Hi hoomans!
:iconoctaviaangryplz: Vinyl, what are you doing? Get off of my back!
:iconbonbongrumpyplz: Are we going to actually do this, or just pose all day?
DanielFRod's avatar
Vinyl is just really happy, and 'Tavi just looks so done. All of them are adorable!
xTheBlackPegasus's avatar
sweet this looks epic
VengefulStrudel's avatar
I'd watch a show with 'em, heh. Octavia is not amused. =P Nice work~
MGlitch's avatar
Lyra: PANTS!
Muffin: Muffins!
Doctor: Time!
Vinyl: Wubs!
Octavia: What?
Bon Bon: How did this watch get on my hoof?
Sparker-Fluxer-Artz's avatar
Awwwww Vinyl look soooo cute and adorable!! idk why or how, but she does!!!
tiernans's avatar
The only person I know what they are thinking is Octavia. She is annoyed.
templar127's avatar
Timey Wimey team of awesomeness!
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