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A fateful encounter

Companion to Spitfire poster finished by artwork-tee

A very interesting twist compared to the original Spitfire image. What kind of story do you think is happening? :)


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My theory is that because the doctor doesn't have a tie with his suit, he's gone mad and wrecked the place, lol. X3 Perhaps somepony stole it and he is resulting to drastic measures.
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well....the day of the doctor bronyfied.....awesome!
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Cool.. Doctor Who verses the war machines was my favorite episode...
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Alternate Equestria 2002; War between ponies and machines have ravaged the world. Spitfire is the soul surviving wonderbolt. All seems lost. If only there was a way to fix the past to prevent this future. A golden light shines in her face. Shielding herself with a hoof, she sees a figure of a stallion and another pegasus. The pegasus is young and has sustained injuries. The stallion appears tired, as if he has been running for centuries. The stallion extends his hoof with a commanding expression. This world is lost. Spitfire will not live much longer. However, she will have one final battle before she dies. The Doctor is calling his allies, his friends, his army. All in the hopes of putting an end to the greatest threat time itself has ever faced. The Timelords.

How's that for a story idea?
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Lots of destruction? An older Doctor Whooves?

Sounds like FoE. After all, no one said Soarin or Spitfire died immediately. Plus, it could be during the war in a ruined Zebra city.
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If that's Spitfire, then we are in the deep hraka. Man, that mare has gotten put through the wringer.
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Vigilantes, arise!

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Ha HAH! I like that potential story...

-(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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It could happen. And it's likely to happen, judging by this pic.
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What kind of story do you think is happening?

A good one, if the artwork is any indication. :-)
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Aw thanks for the compliment! :)

-(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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Does this be the Capaldi Doctor?
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Based on the whiter hair and the differing attire from Doctor Whooves earlier regeneration, I would say so. :)

-(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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Yeah, and the attire outfit whatever definitely looks like Capaldi's.
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Thank you!

-(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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