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A New Hero


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Come with me if you want to SMILE!


Background: Ponyville Pony Statue by BonesWolbach

This is a collab between Drawponies and Stellarsynthesis :iconterminuslucis:

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PinkieDash will live on!

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shes feeling blue cause she is blue

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So random, yet so adorable
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But pinky, rainbow is always blue ( either that or cyan)
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awww so cute Rainbow Dash (Reassuring) Plz Heart Pinkie Pie blinking 
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Pinkie Pie matters.
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Of course she's feeling blue, she's looking pretty blue too! 

I know, my puns are horrible. 
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Horrible... or horriblue?
(kill me)
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She's the hero we need, and the one we want.
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i need the hugginator throughout my life as i'm lonely with all my friends working
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ive got an idea, make pinkie bring twilight over and make rainbow I different color :3
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Please don't bring shipping to this innocent comic.
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.....but Rainbow Dash is blue..
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But Dashie, you're always blue!
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That's what I was going to say. XD
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