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arise -notext-

Darth Vader, done on vectors, to continue my star wars designs (I did a clonetrooper before, which can be seen here: [link]) . As always. please do comment, and +fav if you enjoy it. Check my gallery to see some more star wars works.

This is the notext version of [link]

There are now also color variations, which can be gotten here: [link]

EDIT: Just to avoid mistakes, I made this in Illustrator (just like my previous wallpapers), and then proceeded to do the background, and stuff, in Photoshop.
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it's so nice.....
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Very awesome..but I noticed. The light's reflection on the far parts of his eyes look like the white of his eyes and that he has anime style chibi eyes that are slightly crossed. Dangit. I can't help but smile.
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Episode 1-3 sucked so much, the force wasn't with those.
Fantastic. I love the "Amiga workbech" colorscheme. In fact, is there any better things in this life than Amiga, Star Wars, beer and sex?
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That is a really nicee work. You did a great job. I just have to +fav it and browse your gallery.
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This is so cool. It's strange to see Vader in yellow, but it works well.
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wow, he looks cool! :)
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DUDE this is pwnage with style XD
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I saw him play the violin once!
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this doesn't make me think of the "arise" scene in III, it makes me think of the part in A New Hope where Vader starts to joke Motti due to his "lack of faith"...dear god i am a fucking nerd...
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Dude, may the force be with you
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I love vectors so damm much. Nice color scheme!
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I like it alot. Nice work ;)
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this can do with some more lovin' support and attention ^_^ I LOVE THIS SO HARDCORE. you're awesome. and darth vader makes me smile. so :+fav: !!!
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Excellent Smithers. Excellent.
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On any case how this came about I find this pretty cool.
Excellent choice in a pose, I like they way he's looking down at you.
Interesting use of the orange.
I like. :nod:
Maybe a dark blue like in the 2 in the multi color version. mmmmm
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LOL i dont give a shit if u traced it...this is awesome. Props to you and your 2 hours of effort cuz this is my new wallpaper! You rock!

Man, I sometimes wish i had the power to go around mentally serial choking people, like in traffic...but then again i think that would cause more
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nice. good image.
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