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What to do as an artist in training.
There are many ways to Rome they say. But I meet a lot of aspiring artists lost and asking me for guidance
and this is what I tell them.
(This is a revisited version of an old journal with new and updated guidelines/info)
Find out what you really want to do with art, there are so many different professions or hobbies to take on.
Graphic designer, Concept artist (mobile and high end), Illustrator of book covers or for card games and so much more.
Once you can make your pick, or at least pick 1 or 2 you must do research on the most valued artwork from that niece. 
Find out what makes the best artist of your favorite field the best artist. What do they paint? How do they paint it? With knowing this you can find out about the things you need to study.

The most basic study aims are the following:

:bulletblue: Lighting.
What forms of light art there? And how does it influence things?
The book Color and Light by James Gurney will
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Art Survival Guide - Beginner by DarlingMionette Art Survival Guide - Beginner :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 4,782 2,665
Getting started with digital art
As an artist that does digital art, I always get a lot of questions about what tablets people should use and how to make their choices. While I think equipment isn't all that matters, I think some things are good to take in consideration when buying a tablet. So here's something to get you started!
Bullet; Red  Why do I need a tablet? Can't I use a mouse instead?
The biggest reason; ergonomics. When you do a lot of computer work in general, it's better to use a tablet over a mouse. This is because a mouse isn't designed for precision work. It's putting too much pressure on muscles that are not intended for precision work, hence it raises your chances to get all kinds of nasty injury's. Even if you can draw just fine with a computer mouse, you might actually consider to start using a tablet, for the reason that
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PSA for Artists! Don't make the same mistake I did
I've been posting some video tutorials to teach aspiring artists my drawing techniques, but I think it's very important to learn from my mistakes as well.
I'm 25 right now, and I've been drawing all my life. I started drawing a lot more and professionally when I was about 19-20. I drew all the time and didn't think much about it. I would draw until I'm in pain, from sitting too long, from not eating because I was in the flow and didn't want to stop. I would get terrible back pains and even heart palpitations from sitting in the same position drawing for so long.
That's when the nails on my right hand started to get weird and lumpy. At first I thought it was a dietary thing, so I took vitamins, went to the doctors, exercised, changed things up but it was too late. It's been years now and 3 doctors later they couldn't fix it.
If it were just ugly nails, I wouldn't really care, but the nails are just the tip of how bad I've been treating my body. One time during a particularly hardco
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Ways to use your art in a non-artistic career
Art In The Professions
Ways to use your art in non-artistic careers
What does this mean KovoWolf? Well let me indulge! Art can really be applied to any work force if you are in the position to be creative. Whether that's welding, photography, or a desk job.
Applying your artistic skills in a non-artistic work environment can be crucial and at times, benefit you in making you become a valuable asset to any company. So the purpose of this PE article is to shed some light on ways your artistic insight can benefit your employer and yourself! 
A Good Eye
It's safe to say that anyone who is artistic can bring a lot to the table in any career. You have the passion for things that are creative, unique and your own but can also follow guidelines and direction if need be. Think of it like coloring within the lines of a page in a coloring book. Being uniform but at the same time being totally unique.
One of the many things about bei
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PE: Procrastination and Creativity
 Procrastination and Creativity

"You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic."

Bill Watterson

You are well-aware of the importance of this project, in fact you can't wait to get to it! Too bad you promised your friends to go for a drink, and then there's that movie. Also, your productivity is at its strongest at Midnight, first Tuesday after the Full Moon, starting earlier would be a waste of time. Make sure you are well-rested! After all, is there a better way to prepare yourself for a productive tomorrow than an enjoyable today? Relax
 Your diagnosis: Procrastination positive. Devilish

"Someday is not a day of the week."
Janet Dailey
<strong align="left">
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Create A Character - Female V by Crysa Create A Character - Female V :iconcrysa:Crysa 19,352 4,489 Miniature book Tutorial by ART-fromthe-HEART Miniature book Tutorial :iconart-fromthe-heart:ART-fromthe-HEART 272 69 Bead Dragon Instructions by ChimeraDragonfang Bead Dragon Instructions :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 2,836 851
Be HAPPY with your art
Artistic self-esteem.
This is a message to anyone who´re feeling bad about their "artistic self-esteem" or lost the motivation to keep going with art. But of course, anyone can read and interpret this! Feel free to leave a comment if you want to add something. You´re also free to share this!
Be "happy" with your art? Well... Not saying that you should stay satisfied with all your art so you´ll never improve. It´s more about being confident with the one you are as an artist. The artist inside of you. ~
Feel good about your art just the same way as you should feel confident with being yourself as a person. Draw what you want the same way as no one should blame you for what clothes you are wearing. Speak out your meanings and express all your sentiments just the same way as you shouldn´t be shameful about putting on your favorite music in front of everyone. If you are a sensitive person (like me...) who tends to comprehend things
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[ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] Random by PrinceProcrastinate [ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] Random :iconprinceprocrastinate:PrinceProcrastinate 365 43



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This group is about inspiring others to make art!
Rules & About
Welcome to our Group by TheGalleryOfEve Art Block by ResoluteAssassin [ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] Random by PrinceProcrastinate
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I'm done adding art prompts to the group's journals.

When I first opened this group, I was given a huge positive response.
cnapsis made a gorgeous group icon and Socially4wkwardPanda a super cute stamp.
Group Icon by cnapsis :thumb596869360:

The following people did use art prompts:
BizmasterStudios KeithCalambro VirdisDrachen mt8flw
Snowman for (Draw This Again) by BizmasterStudios:thumb607694475: Sword of Perception Monster by BizmasterStudios Weekly Challenge #1 by VirdisDrachen:thumb599096313: Arty by VirdisDrachen
Thank you for participating in the group!

I have come to terms with the fact that most deviants don't want to challenge themselves or make art that's outside of their comfort zone. I feel like I'm wasting my time posting art prompts here.

Incase you're interested here's the remaining list of art prompts:

Everyone (member or not) is more than welcome to use the past art prompts and can submit to the "Group Member's Art" folder. I will still check my messages if you have any comments.

There is no start date or deadline to this. Please submit your new art to the group.
Draw in a graffiti style. I found this video to be helpful in explaining how to do so.

There is no start date or deadline to this. Please submit your new art to the group.
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My requests are OPEN!


NOTE: Here is a few things that I WILL draw:

- Furrys/Anthro characters

- Feral

- Wolfs, cats, dogs, and similar.

- Complicated designs (they are so fun!)


NOTE: Here is a few things that I WILL NOT draw:

- Human OC's

- NSFW content

- Blood or gore

- And etc. (comment to clarify what)

For more info and to join, check my journal down below!

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