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ART COMMISSION OPEN!✨2023 COMMISSION slot/ open ! ✨Traditional (illustration / character design /painting) & Watercolor paintingSamples :, I open watercolor art commission, my main reason to open this commission is Responbility to pay univ feeand stuff by myself 🌟🌙💦, DOAnimal Features (Some Ok )BL/GL (ok) adding particular stuff (background/flower/detailed clothes ok) Fanart/OC (yes!, but Please profide the references beforehand ) DON'TFurry 100% realism NSFW (light nswf maybe ok) Mecha 🌸Terms of Service 🌸Upfront 50% Payment before the sketch processed/Full Payment after sketch or Base Color Agreement, payment on Paypal/deviantPOINTS3 Revision in Sketch Stage Only Another Custom & Commercial use, etc : Discussion!! (^0^)/Watercolor work scanned in 350 DPI, and I will send the final illustration as PNG or JPG via commissioner's email or if you want the original pict feel free to tell me Mailing (✉) Fee : 5-10$ (depens with track) Please let me know if you not comfortable with me posting the result of my commision Your commission can take up to 3 days to 3 weeks after payment is made.The more detailed the commission, the longer it will take. If I know it will take longer than 3 weeks, I will contact you. Feel free to ask for progress photos!✨HalfBody ✨,Details:Resulution | 350 dpi | Watercolor Size : Postcard (A6) 15$Halfbody A5 20$ (+char 10$)Halfbody A4 25$ (+char 10$)HalfBody A3 30$ (+char 10$)The price if for A Complex chara get simplified/ cost extra✨ Headshot ✨,Details:Resulution | 350 dpi | Watercolor Size : Postcard (A6) 10$Headshot A5 15$ (+char 5$)Headshot A4 20$ (+char 5$)Headshot A3 25$ (+char 5$)The price if for A Complex chara get simplified/ cost extra✨Chibi ✨,Details:Resulution | 350 dpi | Always fullbody Chibi / Watercolor Size : Chibi Postcard (A6) 5$Chibi A5 10$ (+char 5$)Chibi A4 15$ (+char 5$)Chibi A3 20$ (+char 5$)The price if for A Complex chara get simplified/ cost extra, Heres the commission format:Username: (your deviantart/social media username)Email: ( So after the commission is done I will sent the scanned version to your mail and this also help me to send invoice if you prefer me to send the invoice)Address : (only if you want me to send the commission directly to your addres this could charge additional fee for mailing (depends with track)) Number of Request: (example: 2x Halfbody, etc)Character: (your character link such as your reference link or you can sent the picture, 1 or 2 pict would be nice )Details: (such as expression, poses, background, etc. The price would depends on this too)After you fill the format, please sent it to: email : IG : nadila_kuroino(you could sent the format to my email or IG, you may also sent it to my dm note)
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𝐘𝐂𝐇 "𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞!" Airborne 
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