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Thats right, HUGE. Absolutely amazingly beyond anything I've seen yet in the world of Art Theft.

His name is Tod Goldman. He sellst  t-shirts. He sells paintings. He makes so much original stuff and makes thousands off of it. Cept its not original. The firestorm is already developing on some forums. All I can say for now is this:

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM TOD GOLDMAN. NONE of his stuff is verifiably original now. Instead...look for a forum or blog that might tell you who the real original artist is.

It looks, because of the thousands he makes, as though there will be many lawsuits by the artists against him.

And he already made the world's favorite art theft excuse: "I got the idea from a pic someone emailed me. I didnt know it wasn't something I could use"
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thanks for the news, olle I have a problem with three users, they are in my jurnal in my black list, are art thieves, especially a call sugintoudizzi, robbery images of a Japanese page, and violetdragoness robbery images publishes and them, she is a revolting racist, and now it copies the old woman styles of my dragoons DX
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Thanks fer telling us...