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Arch Linux: Desktop Screenshot - 16/09/12

Arch Linux, 16 September.

My Arch Linux fresh install. Just made a new setup with pure systemd. Even thought I REALLY liked my configs on rc.conf, I decided to upgrade it. For users interested, I used this guide.

As always, it's XFCE 4.10, only that this time I'm aiming to a pure XFCE system: No conky, Docky or other programs.

The main-menu follows the same model that my latest screenshot, but now I made a custom menu for each category (instead of using the launcher app).

The dock on bottom is a simple xfce4-panel.

The GTK Suite (GTK Theme, XFWM4) is still Zukitwo by lassekongo83, and icons are Faience-Azur by tiheum.

At last, here's the login/lock screen.

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That's Mole Antonelliana (Torino, Italy for the curious), not Monte. :D
Great shot.
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Yes, it is. ;)

The author probably swapped the letters while renaming the file. Thank you!
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Very nice. What kind of Gmail notifier is on the screenshoot?
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Thanks ;).
It's the default xfce4-mailwatch-plugin applet. You can set a custom action for every new message (in my case, I used a simple notify-send).
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Very interesting menus :)
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i like that panel and menu very, very, very much. the rest of the scrot, too :)
XFCE could do with a better file manager, otherwise it's a pretty perfect lighter DE. Are there still styling issues for GTK3 apps? I was installing it some months back on somebody's machine and gedit and some other programs looked like they came straight outta redmond circa 1995 :D
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Thanks! ;)

There's no problem at all. The only thing you need is to use themes that support GTK3. ;)
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Awesome! and yeah I just switched to systemd myself last night and it's running sweet!
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Same here, the boot absurdly low!
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Yes and I'm using less memory with it as well after login ;)
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This is delicious! Great job :)
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Thank you man! ;)
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Your very welcome Artt! :-)
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