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Lineless Tutorial

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Here we go! :3 A tutorial of how I do my lineless stuff! Hopefully it's not.. confusing or anything. I tried. XD;;; *fail*

Mmmn.. I'm also hoping that this loads decently fast. |D;

You can see the larger version of the finished here:…

Enjoy..? XDDD; *faceplant*

UPDATE:  7/25/2014 - good lord this is OOOLD.  Perhaps someday I can update it with a more recent tutorial, as this is incredibly outdated and I've since learned a lot of new shortcuts and easier methods.  One of which is called a CLIPPING MASK in Photoshop, which I encourage you all to use like crazy (because it's fantastic and a HUUUGE time saver - if you want to access it, right click one of the layers and simply select clipping mask.  It instantly only colors what the layer beneath it has colored.  For example, after throwing down a base layer of color, make a new layer above it and select clipping mask to only color what is colored in the base color layer.  Give it a try!).
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springheelHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I can say you care for the most (for me) traumatic part of lineless art: the overlapping of the different colors. That alone makes it outstanding in my book... especially because those almost very same colors are causing me a heacache:…
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ailemacarol9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, here's mine ^•^…
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ElectraLupaWolfStudent General Artist
awesome tutorial thanks :)
HatariTheWolf's avatar
Aha- this'll most definenty help.
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AstrikosHobbyist Artist
This is a wonderful tutorial!
Argiee's avatar
ArgieeHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much, this has helped a lot ^-^
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PhantasselArtProfessional Digital Artist
One question: When I paint digitally, it looks too digital/plastic-y and I want it to look softer like actual paint.. all smooth and brush stroke-y and soft... How do I get it like that? ;;
Artsywolven's avatar
Do you happen to have a tablet?  That helps a lot because of all the pressure and sensitivity!  (:  If you don't, just try messing with the opacity and different brushes!  
PhantasselArt's avatar
PhantasselArtProfessional Digital Artist
I have a tablet..
Artsywolven's avatar
Just try playing with the opacity and brushes, then!  :D  Different programs have different effects on the outcome, too!  I imagine there's some tutorials on different methods, also.  Just keep experimenting!  :D
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Deus-LuxHobbyist Digital Artist
This was extremely useful, thank you. :)
Carrownah's avatar
CarrownahStudent Digital Artist
Holy cow this has explained TONS that I've been trying to do.Thanks so much for making this,helps loads!
puIsar's avatar
puIsarStudent Digital Artist
omg, thank you so much, this was so helpful!!
Jahpan's avatar
JahpanProfessional Digital Artist
so when you do the flat colors do you have to manually fill in the color with a paint brus or did you just fill in the space with the paint bucket? im new to lineless art.
Ms-CoffeePixie's avatar
Ms-CoffeePixieStudent Digital Artist
I definitely would suggest manually doing it with a paint brush. The paint bucket never does as good a job as doing it by hand painting it.
Jahpan's avatar
JahpanProfessional Digital Artist
Sheppiz's avatar
SheppizHobbyist Digital Artist
Yea its nice, but I could never get my lines that thin without it coming out all sketchy and not pretty an soft.
Morgan-Michele's avatar
Morgan-MicheleHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing!! :D I've been wanting to try lineless art for a while now, and this is just what I needed. Thanks for the tutorial! ^^
tangolium's avatar
Wow this is really helpful! ^^ Although, how exactly do you add the colors when you've already shaded it?
Artsywolven's avatar
Ahhhh outdated tutorial. XD When I used to do this, I would literally shade it, add a flat color, and then reshade that completely.. repeated for each individual color.

It's a pain and it takes forever, to be frank I refuse to bother with it anymore. Honestly I would suggest doing more of a template type thing where the shadows are mostly on separate layers and where you can use opacity and multiply, overlays, masks, etc.
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electronicmuffinHobbyist Writer
Thanks! It helped understand so much V_V
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CirylXDProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! This really helped me out a ton!
Tai-L-RodRigueZ's avatar
Tai-L-RodRigueZStudent Digital Artist
wow. Cool!)))
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I hope you don't mind comments out of the blue, but thank you for this tutorial! It makes so much sense! CX

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