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Giant Atlantean

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No this is not a much as it felt like I was drawing one.

This entry is for Tomb-Raider-Groupies Tomb Raider Memories contest :icontomb-raider-groupies:
Lara's many Traps and Dangers.

In the first video game (Tomb Raider) towards the end, you come to a room with a ledge that hangs over a very far drop...into lava. And what makes this room even better is the giant muscley torso monster that comes out and you must kill. The best way to kill said monster? Backflip and shoot. Everywhere. But if you're not careful, and you do as I have done many...many...many times, you will flip right off the ledge, and Lara will scream for so long she has to catch her breath. The crumpling sound and distortion of her body as she hits the lava (which is a very hard mass of lava) gives you some sort of satisfaction......because killing that monster is just so hard, and you've fallen off of that ledge so many times, you jump off it for no reason. Why not? Watching her fall to her death multiple times is like some sort of "let's kill Lara Croft" therapy when you're in the middle of a stressful part of the game. And that's why there's a cheat to make her explode two games later.

<3 Jessie Lynn
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Great work. You did a good job on the Atlantan giant.
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Great picture!
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This guy was so creepy - and ugly. I remember that when Lara shot at him enough times, he would stop and literally be standing there just looking around for 30 seconds, and then suddenly keel over and explode. Usually the bosses croak right away.

I always thought that Natla intended him to have a complete body, but she never got to finish it. He would have been much harder to face if Natla had completed his body.
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He was already hard to kill! Hahaha. Whether your death be by him grabbing you, or from just flipping off the side of the floor and plummeting to your lava filled death. Growing up, I watched my mom play this all the time, and he always scared me. It was nice to finally kill him when I was old enough, and good enough at games, to beat them on my own. It was like defeating a childhood fear. He will always be one of my favorite fights in all of the games.
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I know. He is pretty memorable.
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Jill Valentine had defeated the creature known as Nemesis. Little did she know that Umbrella had a far more evil abomination stored away waiting to be unleashed: Titans.
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What an unforgettable character he was...
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Growing up, I remember my mom fighting him. About a year ago I played it again and beat it myself (just so I could say I did) and he is still my favorite boss. Getting mad at Lara for dying and swan diving off of the edge and landing on the somehow HARD LAVA always calmed me down when fighting him. He is the best. <3
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