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5 Nights at freddy's

so i made some 5 nights at freddy's fanart cause why not? :D
this took me about and hour and a half and im pretty proud of it :3
F2u: Bonni icons F2u: Chika Icons F2u Freddy iconss f2u: Foxy icons 
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I'm scared and amazed at the same time because OF HOW AMAZING THIS IS!

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thos Fazfuck is V I B E C H E C K I N G.


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It will be cool if you add roxy there anyways...

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Looks like freddy is about to check yo' vibe
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Talented artists are very common on this website. 
I don't mean this to be offensive towards FNaF or the artist, but whenever I look at their smug, bloodstained faces, I start getting pissed.
Oh, this is disturbingly gross on so many levels!
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Does it make it any better that it could’ve been much worse? 😉
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wow my icons im glad to see theyre still hoolding up
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I've lost count of how many times I've seen this when floating round the web, I'm glad to have finally found the original artist
great job on this btw:happybounce: 
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Oh lord! Thanks, that's pretty cool XDD
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ur welcome :3 
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your reply deserves a reward i feel like shit now ima delete this comment
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i love this picture looks awesome 
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Oh god the recommended page...
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Let the band rise.
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this actually looks good but the blood is too brown--

(five freds at nighty's)
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