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Splatoon 3: Queen of Chaos

I would go crazy (in a good way) if Pearl is the final boss of Splatoon 3 (even though I picked Team Order lol)!~

Pearl, the new Inkling character/Small Fry, and Splatoon (c) Nintendo

Art (c) Me
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I think marina will be kinnapted by octavio dj octavio.
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That also makes sense also because of how DJ Octavio was on Team Chaos as well. If Pearl is the final boss or is workin' with DJ Octavio then Pearl has lost it.

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Emm you forgget christmas official art of 2019, marina doesnt appears so that means she will kippapted by dj octavio like Callie.
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Hmm I didn't see the art when it originally came out, so I checked it just now, and that's very suspicious that Marina isn't there.

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You will make a art of that? (of Marina hynotized by dj octavio like how did to Callie)
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I did state that I am unsure.

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That means she will kippapted, you will do a art of this? (marina kippapted and hynotized by di octavio)
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I am unsure if I will make art on that, but Sometime ago I did make art that was a "what if" scenario if Team Order what have one.

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Chaos, chaos!

This is a nice re-imagining of Pearl's outfit during the Final Fest of 2019. It even has some vibes of the design of Pearl in the Splatoon 3 fan project made by Alexis Pflaum (made before anyone knew if or when the real Splatoon 3 would be released).

However, there is an even greater Queen of Chaos

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Thanks, and Pearl is a Queen of Chaos no matter how a person says it. -w-~

Chill out Pearl
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I'm looking forward to it next year and seeing who the new singing duo going to be. I bet is going to be two guys this time.

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I’m just gonna wait and see. OvO
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So, my perdition was a bit true.

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Sorry, I made a small Splatoon 3 game theory. I'll give it to you in a minute.

In a world, where Inklings and Octolings are running and screaming for their lives and going into hiding for safety. In Inkopolis Square... it's filled with ramped Salmonids and Octarians. Some of the Octlings are in mind control and while others were sanitized. They prey on the innocence and kill on sight. This world will be nothing, but a hopeless wasteland of fear. Unknown of who's leading these horrid beasts, but rumor has it that Pearl could be at the enemy HQ; captured... or worse enslaved and a brain filled with madness.

Because of this, the Inklings and Octolings can never go back to Inkopolis Square because of the danger. So, they hang out a rebellion themed town in the abandon Inkopolis Plaza filled with Inkopolis residents to find clothes and have sport-fun in Turf Wars. However, there is hope.... partnering with Grizzco Industries, Squidbeak Splatoon are determined to take back Inkopolis. Thus, began the Great Turf War 2.

With the Leaders; Cap'n Cuttlefish and Mr. Grizz,

Agents 1 & 2 (Callie and Marie of the Squid Sisters),


Judd and Lil' Judd,

Agent 7(Marina of Off the Hook),

and Agents 3, 4, 8, and their new partner; Agent 5.

They'll do whatever it takes to bring back the light and free the captured Inklings and Octolings. You will play either as Agents 3, 4, 5, and/or 8... or better yet... gather three friends of yours to win.

Can you save them all?

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I hope Pearl turn in the Villain
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Never let Pearl be in a position of power.
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