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Heart Balloon Emote

I made this last night. My mom has this heart balloon she got from my dad for their anniversary, and I wanted to use it in an emote. I dont know why... just because. lol :)

He's waving, if you cant tell.

Yea, this is a lot smoother than most of my animated emoticons, it has a faster fps(frames per second) than my other ones, because NewYorkKid618 got on my case about my slow fps. Heehee. So yea, Im proud of how this turned out. :D

Its 50x50 so if anyone wants to use it as an avatar, feel free, just tell me first! The file size might be too big though, but you can try.

50 frames, made with PSP 8 and Animation Shop.


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Oh my gosh you made this. XD flipping awesome.
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Wow this is great! I like to use it if it is permitted to.
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Using this! Thank you x 44335654746
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Using on my profile, thanks!~ :3
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how do u post it in a comment? im a noob x3
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thank you for sharing
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This is so adorable.
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:heartballonplz: CUTE! :3
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:heartballoonplz: *
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