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So it's finally finished. This piece has taken me 3 months of weekends to finally finish and it didn't come out exactly how I wanted it but I'm kind of happy with the few little surprises I did get. All of the trees in the background were actually hidden under what I hope to see enough layers of missed where they wouldn't show through, unfortunately it seems that they wanted to be there. And I actually like them it gives it more death to the picture.
The horse was supposed to be black like well dark grey at least and it ended up looking more like colored pencil or chalk or oil pastels. Yet another little surprised that I actually enjoyed and that texture ended up looking really nice on the Soldiers uniform.
How some of the buttons spread out a little too much from where I put the paint made it a little too thick. There could be a little more shading and difference on the axe blade. And overall I think it could have been a bit darker but I'm happy with it. This is actually really weird for me cuz normally I'd be disappointed but I'm actually really happy with this.

Now on to the next project is a massive set of coasters that's based around the My Little Pony franchise. Feel free to offer up a couple of options so far I'm working on a Queen Chrysalis, Lord Sombra Fluttershy, Discord and Princess Luna. I am planning on doing all of the Mane 6, Zecora, Princess Celestia and then of course the evil versions of both of the head princesses as well as Princess Cadence and maybe a few more if anyone drops me line.
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StareyedInLA Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
It looks absolutely lovely.  Personally, I like the trees hidden away in the background.  It lends an ominous feel that suits the overall piece. :)
ArtSquirrel Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much. this one was an interesting learning experience with the paints that I can say I'm happy about. nothing like a bit of nerve wracking nail biting when it comes to one's art, though right?
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