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It's hard to believe that another year has gone by. While I'm happy that it means the snow will be going away , I'm kind of sad how fast it all seems to be going. My oldest daughter will be graduating next year already! There is no way 17 years has gone by that fast!
My Youngest will be graduating in 5 years and driving in 3... dear God. My 40th birthday present is my son being able to drive... Yea, that trip to South Africa to swim with Great Whites for my 40th is looking better and better. :) Speaking of trips, I'll beheading out to Paris on April 11th! WOOT! I can't wait. A week off work. A week away from the kids. A week to myself to recharge and reset. I'm hoping to have a whole load of new photos for my gallery as well.

So as I grow a year older, I want to wish all my friends and watchers the best for the rest of this year.

So it's finally finished. This piece has taken me 3 months of weekends to finally finish and it didn't come out exactly how I wanted it but I'm kind of happy with the few little surprises I did get. All of the trees in the background were actually hidden under what I hope to see enough layers of missed where they wouldn't show through, unfortunately it seems that they wanted to be there. And I actually like them it gives it more death to the picture.
The horse was supposed to be black like well dark grey at least and it ended up looking more like colored pencil or chalk or oil pastels. Yet another little surprised that I actually enjoyed and that texture ended up looking really nice on the Soldiers uniform.
How some of the buttons spread out a little too much from where I put the paint made it a little too thick. There could be a little more shading and difference on the axe blade. And overall I think it could have been a bit darker but I'm happy with it. This is actually really weird for me cuz normally I'd be disappointed but I'm actually really happy with this.

Now on to the next project is a massive set of coasters that's based around the My Little Pony franchise. Feel free to offer up a couple of options so far I'm working on a Queen Chrysalis, Lord Sombra Fluttershy, Discord and Princess Luna. I am planning on doing all of the Mane 6, Zecora, Princess Celestia and then of course the evil versions of both of the head princesses as well as Princess Cadence and maybe a few more if anyone drops me line.
embedded_item1511560099841 by ArtSquirrel
So yea, did this today just to procrastinate cleaning up the house.... I'm either horrible at procrastinating or really good at. Don't know. Anyway, this was a Goodwill find that is a gift for my son. So much scrubbing and sanding and spray paint!
You can see the progress pictures at my Facebook page or Instagram because DevArt only let's me post 1 picture when doing a journal on my phone.



embedded_item1498426771110 by ArtSquirrel
Preparing for ComicCon, of course! Wizard World Cleveland is here again and myself and the kids are itching to cosplay again, so I'm creating. My son is going as Jared Leto's, Joker... Because why not? Nothing like a 5 am wake up call for body paint. My daughter (Creative Chipmunk here on DA) will be going as humanized Judy Hopps... And I... I will be going as the Witch of the Waste from Howl's Moving Castle.

Gotta cosplay to the weight class. I wish DA mobile app would let me attach more then one picture at a time so you only get one little peek for now. You'll find more on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I've even started reworking my website. I'll keep you posted and add more photos later!

embedded_item1489547553851 by ArtSquirrel

So life...

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2017, 3:11 PM
So life decided to bum rush everyone in 2016 it seems.
For me it was more like being on a motor cycle, underneath a semi as it's hit by the Titanic carried in by a tidal wave and then flash frozen like that one movie... I went from inspiration central to stuck in a block of perpetual ice creatively. Physically, I've gone through enough to last me into Betty White's age... I hope. God, I hope.
Right now I'm trying to come back but it's not easy. I've suffered with PTSD and depression for nearly 12 years top that off with OCD and now health issues and I've got a volatile mix of shit storm that I've been fighting. I'm not posting this for pity - it's more of an excuse and I know it.

So with a new year - hopefully, come a new me. Mentally, creatively and physically.

We shall see in due time. For now, I am going to finish up my degree, get situated at work and with family. I am going to pop on from time to time. I might post a few things here and there but generally - until all is right in the world in my head, I'm just going to let my messed up muses dictate the creative process. Feel free to follow me on Facebook if you'd like... nothing but inane rantings and silly meme's there though - I'm also on Instagram (Art.Squirrel). I will probably post some stuff on the up coming ComicCon here in Cleveland and the Geneva Medieval Faire I'm going to work at this summer.

Til then...

I wish everyone a brighter better year then last!

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I LIVE!!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 5, 2016, 7:23 PM

And that is how Live is spelled...
Ugh, I've had to explain that one to so many people of late LIVE (liv) and LIVE (lie-v) are spelled the same. LIVE is not spelled LIV. Fuck you, texting laziness. Fuck you.

....So yea, I'm alive and my eye is all healed right up! Top that off with the fact that I can see and read signs a half a block away and I'm gloriously happy. So worth the money, not so much the foriegn body syndrome. That even just sounds bad. Oo

Off that topic though, I'm going to have some time on my hands seeing as I was recently fired from my full time job. -_- They told me it was due to financing and my high vacancy numbers. *coughbullshitcough* I called the head maitenance guy out on some bullshit and since corporate likes to coddle his ass I get the shaft. The previous manager STOLE from the company and they kept her for five years EVEN AFTER A COURT DATE!
Well, crap on them. The two people that worked under me are quitting because they let me go and my mother, who is a manager at another property, is leaving too as is her maitenance man. We are all done with this company. HA! They think their vacancy was "high" with me - people were leaving because the previous manager never got any work orders done and the company never updated anything just put $5 bandages on it all - Well, looks like about 14 more apartments are gonna be vacant in the next 2 months, not including the others that already planned to leave. They were only renewing their leases because I was there and stuff was getting done.
Don't underestimate my power to rally people...
Okay, I'm done ranting.
Anyways, I still have my part time valet job, college (ugh, finishing my law degree 14 years later!) and an upcoming writing contest so things are okay. Plus, I'm a quick rehire. Thank you, US ARMY! It's like the ultimate Multipass on a resume! I'll have a new job before the end of next week.

That all being said... since I have some free time and I can see!!! I will be getting around to those prize drawings and updating the Catwalk between tomorrow and Thursday. Nothing like a 4 day holiday to do some catching up.


I just went through 173 journals and 1,238 gallery postings and only 13 notices.... -_- I think I'm following too many people. Curse the talent that is DA!

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So as I mentioned in my Christmas card submission, I had the joyful fun of having Lasik enhancement last weekend, and my one eye is not healing right. So that being said this is going to be quick. I will hopefully be up a running fully by Christmas. This means those prize drawings and the catwalk will be updated around then. I'll also have the rest of the info for Chantey up after that as well.

If my eye heals. If not I'll be back under the blade. Ugh!

That thing... is offically a thing.

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 22, 2015, 8:45 PM

I'm still getting the full spectrum of details down but, I've offically posted an application deadline. So, it's official. It's a thing. See, it even has an icon thingy.


Oh, and this thing is updated too.

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 2, 2015, 6:13 PM


So here is what we have so far...
Inktober: Pain Induced Doodles by ArtSquirrel<da:thumb id="565601776"/> INKtober: Squirrels.... by ArtSquirrel INKtober: Getting there by ArtSquirrel INKtober: Updated ArtSquirrel Pony Persona by ArtSquirrel WiP: the Ladies of KDC (NPCs) by ArtSquirrel

I'll be updating as I upload the pictures. The quality won't be that great since I'll more then likely be doing it from work but hey... meh. Oh! And I've got a list of things to do below from all your lovely comments, so here's what to expect:
:bulletred: 5 OCs per OCT-Willpower
:bulletred: Sword Art Online for IamACreativeChipmunk
:bulletred: 5 creature recommendations from FreakieGeekie
:bulletred: 5 squirrel varieties from crazyshiro idea

So that's  17, which leaves me with 14 more slots for ideas! Keep 'em coming!


I kinda want to participate this year, so I'm putting this out there....
Give me 31 things to draw.

That is all.
Enjoy your weekend my lovelies!

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Doing a little here and there...

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 3:09 PM

...But mostly OCTS.

I am sad to say that I have put in for my group AuLiCha to be closed down because after being open for 2 years only my initial story was ever posted. Which is really too bad. I had some big plans for that one. Oh, well, you win some and you lose some.

Moving on from that, I am giving Catwalk Challenge one last good go before my SuperGroup expires in about 6 months. If I don't get anything by then, I'll be closing that group too. 5 months of no response and no action just really cuts back on the enjoyment.

Aside from those, I will be putting more of my time towards writing.
Which means OCTs.

I will be participating in the following for as long as I can make it:

I also still have sights out on:

A lot of my descisions to switch gears has come from time I can spend on things. While I'm at work, if we're slow, I can hide a word doc better then a sketch book and I just don't have the time I used to have to play in photo shop as you've noticed with my last few submissions. Does that mean I'm going to stop?


This is my stress reliever.
My escape.

So I am off to doodle up an image of the Botanical Gardens map for some Zenith world building whilst I await the results of our match ups.
Wish me and IamACreativeChipmunk luck!

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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 10:36 AM

Okay, so I decided that I would go ahead and do this

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
  • Oo I actually can't believe I've been on DA for as long as I have! My original account was hacked so I moved to a different one, which DA still won't give me an access password for so I can close it cuz I can't remember the password to the linked email for the life of me! You can find it here: BurntRabbitLucky That one has been open for 11 years and my previous one was open for 2, so that makes 13 YEARS! My DA life is just a year younger then my oldest daughter. Wow....
What does your username mean?
  • ArtSquirrel... Well, art in many forms is my life. Be it photography, music, literature or just scribbling down weird creatures and MLP. So that's that part. I chose Squirrel because I'm basically as neurotic as one of the evil fluffy beings. OCD with ADOS and way too many fandoms rolled into one makes me!
Describe yourself in three words.
  • Procrastinating Neurotic Squirrel!
Are you left or right handed?
  • Both actually. It totally depends on what I'm doing.
What was your first deviation?
What is your favourite type of art to create?
  • OMG?! Really? Um, I like doing fan art in traditional media mostly and I think it's because I'm a mom. I love being able to capture my kids' favorite characters as they know them. >> I decorate a lot of lunch bags and folders for class. Oh, and casts... can't forget casts.
  • I have an excuse by ArtSquirrel Never say... by ArtSquirrel Gift: Sesshoumaru by ArtSquirrel
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
  • The more modern comic book style is one of my favorites at the moment nebezial and  AutopsyJuice are definitely an inspiration to me in those genres but then I've always wanted to grasp the extremely realistic and detailed style similar to aenaluck ... So much practice still to do! But then there's digital rendering like Mavrosh Ugh! The choices! This is where my squirreliness comes to play. I can't chose just one nut!
What was your first favourite?
  • This one wasn't the first, I think that one is archived but it was one of the first under this current account.
  • Rough Hands by larafairie
What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
  • Hmmm... I don't really have a type I favor over any other. I take each piece as its own be it a picture, a story or a drawing.
Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
  • Why must we pick one!?! These questions are evil! 
    I mentioned a few of them above so I'll add a few more here I guess, each of them are a different genre so it's really hard to chose an all time favorite. vishstudio is probably one of my favorite photographers on DA. humon for her adorable comics. ChrisOzFulton for his simple yet detailed renderings of my favorite fandoms. Rajacenna for the ridiculously realistic pieces she does. Look at it! Look!
  • Jack Sparrow by Rajacenna
If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
  • Any of the above mentioned.
How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
  • I've made a lot of friends here on DA so again there's not just one that has helped me out when things have gotten rough. They all do their own little part to keep me encouraged or to critique my work. I'm really grateful to all of them for it too!
What are your preferred tools to create art?
  • My hands!
    They really do it all anyway. You know that whole pen holding, mouse clicking ability thing... it's kinda important.
What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
  • Old Fort Niagara in New York and Venice, Italy. Both of these places seemed to just open my mind up. I miss them both so much and just wish I had more time to visit them as often as possible.... I need Howl's door. Oh, and Washington DC and Zoos. I love Zoos and Aquariums for inspiration. Oo I'm also realizing that these places have lots of people.... 
What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
  • Okay, so seeing as I've got to pick one (there's a lot!) I guess I'll go with something that's not an OCT. Hm, so participating in the :iconworld-travel-book: will have to be mentioned. I was fun getting this book that had been through Europe and the US with other artists' works in it. Being a part of that is definitely up there in my DA memories.
  • World Travel Book - Entry One by ArtSquirrel
Well, there we go!
13 years on DA...
This lasted longer then my marriage!

what is it!?!?!?

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 4:54 PM

ArtSquirrel | Fashion | OCTs |+Watch ME | Note ME

I logged on today and there's this Captain American shield symbol thingy next to my name. What does it mean? What is it? Someone tell me! It's not my beta tester symbol. Oo I wanna poke it...
With a stick...

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Life and Netflix

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 1:54 PM

ArtSquirrel | Fashion | OCTs |+Watch ME | Note ME

You know...
Netflix is both a beautiful thing and a bitch. Mostly when it comes to anime. Ugh!! Waiting for the next seasons to come out, and then they are never released, or they drop the series. >< I would drop Netflix but it's got so many of my other faves on it. Curse you Netflix and your sugary sweet teases!

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4:00 am

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 6:04 PM

ArtSquirrel | Fashion | OCTs |+Watch ME | Note ME

That is what time I will be waking up tomorrow.
The things I do for my kids!
Of course, my little guy has to get up just as early (he's the blonde pegasus with plushie pyramid head in my DevID). We, just us two, are off to DC for his birthday. Rented a car and everything cuz my Jeep says she needs a vacation from long haul drives after our recent impromtu trip to Missouri.

So, before I head off to an early bed time, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has commented and encouraged me in the last few weeks. Moving on to brighter days (literally, it's like 70 in DC and 40 in Ohio... frikken eastern springtime).

Take care!
I'll be back in a few days.

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20/15 Itchy

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 9:41 AM

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My vision is awesome now. That's a bonus! The day of my surgery the Dr. checked my eyes afterward and said he wouldn't be surprised if my new prescription was 20/20 or better after I healed. The next day I was told it was 20/15 in both eyes.

Now for the healing. So, apparently, when you get LASIK there's this thing called foreign body syndrome. It's a very typical issue during healing where you feel like you have something caught under a contact against your eye. Skippy. Toss in the hourly eye drops, then prescription drops every four hours that drain through your sinuses to the back of your throat that taste like crap ANNNNND having to where these weird goggles to bed for two weeks and you've got typical post surgery UGH.
The thing is, I can deal with the drops and the goggles but OMG! the FBS!! I can't rub or touch my eyes, drops don't make it go away, I feel like hitting my head into a wall.
So annoying!

Okay, okay...
I shouldn't be bitching. I've got perfect vision again and things are on the up and up. It's just cold here in Ohio and I'm staring at hail through the window at work. HAIL! It's spring, damn you!
So much fail.

Well, I'm off to continue my boredom whilst I wait for someone to want their car parked.

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And Life Says...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2015, 1:31 PM

ArtSquirrel | Fashion | OCTs |+Watch ME | Note ME

...GTF off your ass.

I won 1,000$ off a Lasik eye procedure, which I am going for the exam on Monday. IamACreativeChipmunk won 50$ on a scratch off. I was able to pay off all of my past due debts and I got tickets to take my son to Medieval Times near Washington DC, so we'll be gone all next weekend, just me and him.
Oh, I got a new job too!
I will still be valeting 1-2 times a week but overall, I am going to be running a new apartment complex here in Ohio. Yay! Stability!

Now if my tire values would stop breaking on my Jeep...
But that's getting off track.
So, I will be focusing on getting things updated around here. I'm already done with :iconcatwalkchallenge: and :iconaulicha:, now I just have to get my OCT interview out of the way for Hunger Games, finish my NPC characters for two others and do some more back stories. Then I can get on to doing fashion again and updating my personal website and maybe... just maybe... not having a pissed off editor breathing over my shoulder.

Well, that's where things stand.
Now to just stay on track.

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 9:16 AM

ArtSquirrel | Fashion | OCTs |+Watch ME | Note ME

A 13 hour drive to reach Missouri on the 13th marking 13 year of horrible crap happening on my bday. I'll be back Wednesday...

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See it coming

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2015, 10:17 AM

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So for quite some time my grandmother, uncle and stepdad have been battling cancer. My uncle has suffered the longest, developing it when I was 7 and going into remission for two decades. Now though... They are all fighting at once.

My uncle, I fear, is giving up. You know what? I don't blame him. Not after all the years and surgeries. My stepdad is getting to that point as well. Why die fighting a battle that just makes you feel like crap everyday when they feel better, useful, when not on the chemo - even though they know they will die sooner without it. I would probably feel the same way.

My grandmother, on the other hand, hasn't been fighting as long but it's been vicious. From breast cancer to colon to liver to lymph. She has to travel several times a week, about 200 miles to Saint Louis, for her treatments and it's just not good. She's not doing good. I think seeing her son in the condition he's in plus the loss of my grandpa years back is just taking it's toll on her.
My mom and stepdad offered to let her move up to Ohio with them but she refused. I get it. She's a country girl and my stepdad is massively OCD and doesn't like pets. So saying she'll be a burden for other reasons is her way of being nice. I, however, am not as OCD as he is and I love pets, so we're extending the offer to stay at my house. I even have a room downstairs where she'd have a double stack memory foam bed, her own shower and bathroom and tv. AND she could go to chemo here, with in minutes not hundreds of miles.
I'm hoping she accepts.

As an adult things are so much harder to break away and see people so far away. I would love for her to spend time with her grandkids, and yes, with me before she passes. I don't want to lose her like I did my grandfather - without getting to say goodbye.

So what did I mean about the title of this journal?
For the past few years we've been acknowledging the idea of anyone of them passing away. While I think it'll hurt a little less then a sudden death, talking to my mom today I realized it's still going to hurt. Whether it's now or a year from now it's my grandmother. This is the woman that helped raise me. That I used to bug to bake cookies with all summer long. That, with my papa, took me on road trips across the US as a kid. The woman that was there for me when my parents weren't. (My uncle and aunt were there too, a lot so I'm not forgetting them!) She was my mom and my grandma for years.

...And I just needed to post this to rant. I'm not one to cry or get emotional but this hit me today.

If you did read this...
Thanks for listening!

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Drive by Journaling!!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 7:04 PM
Zoom Zoom

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So rabbit stew sounds good now.

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 10:24 AM
*insert maniacal here*
So... I have internet again. That is a major plus when trying to upload things. I unfortunately still have 2 rabbits. I'm still trying to figure out how the culprit hasn't died of electrocution yet. Yes, my rabbit (well one of them... Though I'm fairly certain I know which one) destroyed my cable cord. Then while trying to fix it my mom chewed up the external cord to the cable box on "accident" cuz she couldn't tell them apart. Haha haha haha haha haha...
That being said once I get my devart account to accept my Photoshop uploads (wtf, DA?!) I will have so much backlog posted my watchers will hate me but my secret Santa giftees will hopefully be happy!
I hope.
Oh, God don't lynch me!
So just give me a bit and the posts will begin.
Once again this is being posted from my phone so I'm sorry about anytypos or run-ons.

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