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will you help us?

We do intend to have badges on ArtSpacious, or at least something that is comparative but perhaps uses a different term. From right now all the way until we open, we are offering the opportunity to earn a special "Early Supporter Badge" (official name pending)! You will receive this shiny symbol of our appreciation once you register your account on ArtSpacious, after we have officially launched.

How do you get it? Pretty easily. Share our discord server! We are trying to bring as many people as possible to a non-DeviantArt platform for a few reasons. For one thing, Eclipse isn't exactly friendly toward groups, and it may become more difficult to interact here once Eclipse is enforced. Furthermore, many people intend to quit DeviantArt because of Eclipse, thereby rendering them unable to participate in this DeviantArt group.

Don't worry, we have no intention of deleting this group for those of you who wish to remain here exclusively, and updates will be shared through both discord and DeviantArt as they occur!

These promotions must be for our discord server, not for the ArtSpacious DeviantArt group or site as a whole. We will accept retroactive advertisements, so long as they are for our discord server and qualify based on the below steps!

Here's how to do it:
Step #1. Share our discord server link in a status, poll, or journal. If you wish to share on another platform apart from DeviantArt, such as a roleplay forum or discord server, then contact us to see if it would qualify. Acceptable methods of contact include a comment in this journal or sending a note directly to the ArtSpacious group if you prefer privacy. There are 2 different link options for advertising our server:
Sharing Option A (for more advanced users) - A custom invite link that you create. If you create your own invitation using your discord account, then we will be able to track how many members join our server based on your advertisement. The more people who join due to your advertisement, the more rewards you can earn once ArtSpacious opens! We are not yet positive what the exact rewards will be, but they will scale in value as you accumulate more referrals.
Here is a very easy step-by-step guide on how to create a custom invite link: sta.sh/02en48v8if9j

Sharing Option B (for beginner or non-discord users) - If you are not comfortable making a custom link from Sharing Option A, or you do not have a discord account, then you can use this global invite link! You will not get credit for how many people join the server through your advertisement, but you will still receive the "Early Supporter Badge" if you share this link! This is the global invite link:  discord.gg/ZZCw2PD

Step #2. Copy the link to wherever you advertised us (journal/poll/status/etc.) and enter it into this form. You will need to include a valid email that you intend to register with on ArtSpacious. We cannot keep track of you unless you give us the same exact email you will use to register once ArtSpacious is open. If the emails do not match, we have no way to ensure you receive your badge, because we will not know it is you!

That's it! Easy enough, right?

Thank you so much for the continued support you have all shown us. We are so full of love for you and passion for this site! We are fully dedicated to our potential members and bringing forth the best  experience we can offer. Every time you share us, you are directly contributing to ArtSpacious, because it helps motivate us, pushes us harder, and reminds us what we are fighting for. And, most of all, it helps spread our name, so we lose as few people as possible to Eclipse!

Now some quick disclaimers: If you wind up changing your email, you will need to contact us. You are not obligated to join ArtSpacious by providing your email, this is not a contract or commitment. We will NOT use your email for ANY purpose besides gifting you the "Early Supporter Badge." Your email will not be recorded in any other location or distributed and you will not be added to any mailing lists or other subscriptions. This is completely confidential. You can only receive 1 badge per email provided. You can only earn 1 badge per DeviantArt account, regardless of how many promotions you make through a single account. If you intend to register more than 1 account on ArtSpacious, you can use several different DeviantArt accounts to submit multiple promotions under multiple emails to ensure each individual account will receive an "Early Supporter Badge." For example, many artists choose to run 2 accounts, one for their standard art and one for their adoptables. Another example is a user who has an artist account and a stock provider account.</sub>

[click here to submit your advertisement]

If you do not submit your advertisement with this form, you will not receive your badge, it is the only way we can keep track of you!

hear ye, hear ye, gather 'round the table!
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Which term do you generally use when referring to the "non-eclipse" version of DeviantArt that we all wish to preserve? I've seen these 3 used most commonly! 

655 deviants said Classic DeviantArt
631 deviants said Old DeviantArt
263 deviants said Original DeviantArt
49 deviants said Other? - comment!