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It seems like this project is likely dead / abandoned. Sad to see.

To those who are looking for alternatives for dA, here are some sites I found over the years:

- (in closed beta, so joining is a bit limited currently; should change later this year if everything goes according to plan. I think this one comes closest to old dA. Allows NSFW.)

- (for casual posting and portfolios, exists as a site and app, kind of like Artstation and Instagram combined. Doesn't allow NSFW.)

- (mostly a furry-focused platform, kinda a mix between Twitter and e621. Allows NSFW.)

- (I have no experience with this one personally, it looks chill and quite nostalgic, though. Allows NSFW.)


I was hoping to move out of this AI dump, but this group and project has been abandoned .-.

what a shame. I return to this Group after a while of having seen no updates and now there's little to nothing for it. I certainly hope that if someone out there is still helping with this project that we'll receive updates...

They finally forced eclipse onto this page. This project is dead as a donut.

Any other good alternatives of DA out there? Like ones similar to the good old design and not one of those shitty "MAHDURN" designs like ApocEclipse.
side7 and sheezyart (?