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Dragon Age 2: Isabela

A little fan art of Isabela, from BioWare's upcoming release Dragon Age 2.

Normally I try to make a habit of thanking people for their comments and favourites, however Isa has proved to be somewhat out of control and has far more than I can keep up with.

So, for those who leave a comment or favourite her, I'm thanking you ahead of time. :thanks:
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Yes! <3 Pirate Isabela! Such a great scene, she really embodies the masterful ship captain from the comics, here.  Extra kudos to all the little details, this is just stunning. 
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This is absolutely cool, she's gorgeous
Nekolies's avatar
Epic! I love it <3
vkminime's avatar
this is gorgeous!!
I love this so much. This is awesome
Why is the rum gone!?!
wateralchemist001's avatar
Its a great picture of when she was captain :D
willcraft's avatar
She reminds me slightly of Jack Sparrow, only even more amoral.
I never pictured Isabela in a scene like this before. It's so beautiful!
july7blackseven's avatar
It looks so real! Magnificent!
Breizar's avatar
This artwork of Isabela is the best i have ever seen of her...Good Job :D
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Awesome Stuff Artshardz, a very well drawn scene that makes the drawing believable.
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Awesome drawing. The way you drew this more like a scene instead of a regular portrait showed just enough of Isabela's pirate side. Great work.
hunterXIII's avatar
Reminds me of a Jack Sparrow scene ;)
da-fucker's avatar
You certainly have a talent of telling tales with your beautiful craftsmanship here. I'm as stunned as the rest.
NifelheimQueen's avatar
Wow, it's a great pic, i love it *_*
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such a kool pirate!! I love it!!!
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I think it looks beautiful. Really Well done. :)
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This is so AWESOME that I can't even find proper words to describe it. Let me just fangirl for a bit: asdfghjklasdfghjk'/x\f.gbv hjdgf. I love you for drawing this!
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Love it! Isabela was my favorite NPC
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