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Dragon Age 2: Hawke

Hanging out on clifftops is what all the cool heroes do.

Hawke from BioWare's upcoming release Dragon Age 2.
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Hi, I love this, and would like to share it on my Dragon Age fan account on Instagram ( @dragonagedaily ).  I would mention your username and credit you if I have your permission. :)
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wow, nice job! Never too few pictures of Hawke here C;
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love teh armor
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like the art work
Amazing pic! I love all the details to it.
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'I'm available for photo shoot from only 5 soverigns!' (the rent on that estate is murder you know)
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Remember: The magistrate can sod off!
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this is wonderful! good job!
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Hawke's face isn't very expressive . But the color and shading are perfect.
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its good but hawke's face looks a bit too asian
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This is epic. Awesome job on this composition! He definitely looks cool. ;)
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This looks Epically Amazing, you did an amazing job with the detail on the armour and well....... Just everthing
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I will really miss this game:(...i just finished it,great game along with DA 1...and also great job^^
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You can start a new game, just sayin'
Aderon777's avatar
ofc i started a new game:))
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