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March 27, 2008
The Sand Castle by ~artsgr1e is a wonderfully innovative piece that combines a child's imagination , the expertise of a master sculptor and the wonderful possibilities that 3D art may yield ! Take a minute or two to soak in the impeccable details of this masterpiece !
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The Sand Castle

Modern SURREALISM ART GALLERY 2006 by George Grie:

Sand castles are typically made by children, simply for the fun of making them. However, adults sometimes engage in contests making sand sculptures, in which the goal is to create structures which don't appear to be constructed just from sand; they can become large and complex. Other vulnerable media are ice and snow, leading to ice sculptures and snow sculptures. Adults may find sand castle construction to be almost "Zen-like" in its ability to create total focus and relaxation. An example of extremely sophisticated sand art is the Buddhist mandala.
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Duena's avatar
Wonderful !!
zeitschiff's avatar
Amazing work.  Bravo!
FOTOMASTER03's avatar
Великий художник!Он указал путь другим и навсегда вошёл в историю искусств Человечества!
MashaSchwartz's avatar
He was very humble when I reached out to him too. It was just a pleasure to hear back from him.
smedina146's avatar
Beautiful Work---saved many to my favorites ....well done!
Sister-HugeHands's avatar
IrritumAvaritia's avatar
wow! jaw dropping good! this is what we call a picture that paints a thousand words! and those words a a many wonderful story to tell... this is so beautiful
TaliaLef's avatar
Your work is beautiful, imaginative and compelling.
nahojis's avatar
Didn't know you are on Deviantart. I'm a big fan of your work.
ShuyinTheEnigmatic's avatar
stefaniejasmin's avatar
Wow, this is specially great!!!
suzipru09's avatar
awesome depiction...and so creative!
BlackHeartLvr16's avatar
beautiful....u could make this into a tutorial in Photoshop CS5 and then post it on
FNunley's avatar
wow, I love love love this piece ;)
VisionXtream's avatar
Hey. I really like your artwork. Would you along with whoever reads this, want to join our 3D MMO game development team? We have 11 members and 3x 3D modelers. It will need to be volunteer work for a while until we get sponsored/sell the game. Its a side project for your free time if you wish!
Our game idea has been written up. It is based on the Shaolin Monks, Mighty Barbarians, Vicious Vikings and Peaceful Atlantians. We are in need of Animators, 3D Artists, 2D Artists, GUI Artists, Weapon/Armour Artists and Landscape Artists.

Our Team member list can be found here [link]
Our Team members deviantart images can be found here [link]

Thank You so much.
The VisionXtream Team
cris2236's avatar
wow, it's a very awesome scene, well done!! [link]
TheEpicFailedArtist's avatar
This is amazing. Just amazing. :D
vampireChap's avatar
What a nice idea! And the picture,too :P
Els236's avatar
Dziudziuk's avatar
netherwerks's avatar
Beautiful work. Castles and ships...I need to start painting some more castles and ships...
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