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Useful Art School Sub Rosa links!

Start reading from Chapter 1
Art School Sub Rosa 3.0 Cover by capyBAKA

Start reading from Chapter 2
Art School Sub Rosa Chapter 2 Cover by capyBAKA

Art School Sub Rosa on Quarantine Comics (most up to date!)…

Buy Chapters 1,2 and 3 of the old version………

Art School Sub Rosa on Smackjeeves: artschoolsubrosa.smackjeeves.c… (least up-to date)
On Manga…

I'm going to be running a referral contest in my groups for my comics, :iconartschoolsubrosa: ArtSchoolSubRosa and :iconabottleofspirits: ABottleOfSpirits

The rules:
You must be a member of either one or both of the groups, whichever one you wish to promote.
If you want to promote both, be my guest! More chance of winning that way!
The two people who refer the most people to either or both comics both win one of these packs!
On top of that, I will do 2 prize draws for all the new members were referred to the group to win one of these!

Basically, you can win:
You Can Win This by capyBAKA
Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the old B&w version of Art School Sub Rosa (ooooh, collector's item! You can't get chapter 2 or 3 online anymore!)
1 A3 sized "A Bottle Of Spirits" (First character design!)  print (will have to be folded, unfortunately, for postage)
3 A4 Size prints of Stanley+Tabitha, Art School Sub Rosa Chapter 1 Cover Art, and Jarrick
4 Photo Prints of Art School Sub Rosa Chapter 2 Cover art, Art School Sub Rosa Chapter 1 Cover Art, Max+Kris:Magicians, and Art School Sub Rosa Chapter 3 Back Cover art.
New! 500 Deviantart Points
+ 1 ATC Custom Sketch Card of any of your favorite characters from the comic (not pictured, obviously as they don't yet exist!)
All of which I can sign for you if you really want :P
All up valued at about $70 per prize pack!

You can use any means you like to promote the comics- be it offsite or on, however the most important thing to do when getting your referee to join the groups is that they enter "I was referred by 'YOUR dA NAME' " in the little text box that pops up! If they don't do this, they'll be counted as a regular member! Also- WATCHERS DO NOT COUNT. (It's easier to keep track this way)

If you can get the same person to join for BOTH comics... they'll count as 2 points towards your score!
If you were referred by a friend but still want to join- THEN DO IT! Just start telling your friends about the comics! You're already in the running for a prize pack by being referred, but why not increase your chances?

ANYWAY: Contest Ends 29th of Feb!


1) :iconlittleleafykins:- 12 points!
2) :icondeathbyjerky:- 2 points!
3) :iconalystar:-1 point!
Chapters 1,2 & 3 are available in print



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