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Ash Grown up

Ash Ketchum with pikachu and Ivy from Pokémon Fanart ^^
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"They laughed at my age"

"I laughed at their funeral, even Goh's funeral"

ain´t he ten?🤔

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i like how he looks and the background is nice .the smile is cute

EeveeTheMurderer18's avatar

Fuck this dork! Ash sucks ass.

sekyan's avatar

yanno the back button is up there on your screen, if you don't like what you're looking at you can always use it lol

VincessAlcat's avatar

I love this version of Ash a lot

exarkun797's avatar
Hot, I love it!
SheWhoWalksWithThee's avatar

This is fantastic! I'm not a Pokemon person, but this is a stunning rendition!

ShotaHunter92's avatar
ok, thats the best adult version of Ash i have ever seen so far!
i dunno when i watched you but i certaintly know why, your art style is the kind where if you improved it would be small things that nobody but you notice!
haiderxx-darkgroundx's avatar
wow ash never looked this much hot
rayquazainmyroom's avatar

Why does he remind me of noctis from final fantasy 15?!?

(Not even kidding, compare the faces!)

rayquazainmyroom's avatar

OH! I just noticed the eevee at the side!

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Pikachu crying plz and he still hasn't evolved his Pikachu. Few more years he'll start looking as ragged as Victor's Pikachu Puka.
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His Kalos uniform was the best... this is awesome!

Hertion333's avatar
So good, honestly love to see Ben 10 in your style
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