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In an effort to not fade away off the internet, I've started posting roughs, sketches, and miscellaneous things - some old, some new - on a Tumblr page. That's what all the kiddies are using these days, or something :p

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Now following :)
Yep, I joined in too recently (mine is piarelle.tumblr.com if you're interested).
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Neat! I hopped on Tumblr this past month as well, though I haven't posted art there (mainly enjoy it as a Pretty Image Aggragator). I followed your tumbler (I'm merry-mippet there)
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Sweet! I look forward to seeing more of what you're up to these days...
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Thank you for proving you're not dead! =D
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Don't leave us here on dA in the dark, please..
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Yay!  I've missed reading your webcomics!
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You can find mine here if you're interested.
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Awesome! I added ya! c:
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Awesome! :la:
The kiddies are making it a revolution, I hear, making it span over all the age groups ;) It's just to join in on the crazy ^^!
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