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Going to San Diego Comic Con? Find me in the mornings at booth 5535 in the IP Pavillion with 4th Dimension Entertainment, or in the afternoons at M-13, Small Press section, with Th3rd World Studios. I'll have copies of Phoenix Requiem (Volumes 1 & probably 2) as well as my brand new comic Finding Gossamyr. Come say hello! :D
Sorry everyone, after a crazy busy month job hunting and cramming in as much related study material as possible, deviantArt sorta dropped off my radar of things to check!

So anyway, a couple of updates:

-Phoenix Requiem Book 1 is NOW SHIPPING! If you preordered, you should be getting your copy very soon! The first hundred or so preorders will go out first,  then the rest are in a shipment currently sitting in CA awaiting government inspection (which hopefully won't take too long >.<)

-I'm currently about to start prep work & cover art for Book 2, so there should be some news on that some time in the next month or two.

-Trying to live off commissions turned out to be a bust, so I had to find a day job again. This means I no longer have time for commissions. A huge thank you to everyone who bought one while I was unemployed, it really helped and I think I've gotten a lot better at art thanks to them as well!

-Work on Finding Gossamyr is starting to ramp up now too!

Much <3 to all and I hope to be a little more regular on dA again :)
This is a repost of 4DE's dA Journal: If you haven't read it, please do! I absolutely love Lackadaisy (one of the very few webcomics that I actually bought a print copy of) and an Eisner award would be well deserved.


As you may have heard, Lackadaisy has been nominated for the Eisner award for Best Digital Comic.

As its publisher, I would be remiss if I did not make an honest effort to help Lackadaisy cross the finish line, because if it actually did win, it would simply be beyond awesome and wonderful. And, I know, I am certainly biased as its publisher, but I publish Lackadaisy for a reason: because I love the story and characters and believe in it. Moreover, I believe in Tracy, who works tirelessly, always foregoing sleep, and her own social life, opting instead to bring Lackadaisy to life.

I am humbly asking that anyone out there who is eligible to vote and enjoys Lackadaisy to please consider it as your choice for Best Digital Comic when voting.

Voting for the Eisner Awards is currently going on and will continue though June 13th at (or by paper ballot if you want to print one up and send it in).

If you fit into any of the following categories, you are eligible to vote:

-Comic book, or Graphic Novel creators (writers, artists, cartoonists, pencillers, inkers, letterers, colorists)

-Webcomic creators (writers, artists, cartoonists, pencillers, inkers, letterers, colorists)

-All nominees in any category

-Comic book/graphic novel publishers and editors

-Comics historians and educators

-Graphic novel librarians

-Owners and managers of comic book specialty retail stores

Again, if you, or anyone you know fits into any of these categories, I am humbly requesting that you consider Lackadaisy as your pick for Best Digital Comic when you cast your votes for the 2011 Eisner Awards.

You can read all the Lackadaisy comics to date at:

And, you can vote on the Eisners at:

I thank you sincerely for your time and consideration.



Due to a flood of extra commercial work, and a LOT more commissions than expected, there have been some delays in getting through the pile. I've managed to get through half the commissions, but still have about 18 to go. I DO INTEND to complete them all, however, if you decide to cancel because I'm all slow and horrible and broke my two-week word and stuff, I won't be offended. I don't want anyone to cancel of course, just saying :)

There is a spot on the left-hand side of my main page here that lists a queue of vague descriptions, so you can sort of see how far down the stack you are :)

Thanks for your patience! :love:

^^ There! Click it! Click it many times! :la: ^^

Why preorder, you ask? Well! *Puts on official Hat of Convincing*

1) It guarantees you a copy! If it sells out and they don't print more, well you'll be a sad panda.
2) It indicates to the publisher the level of interest in the series. The more interest, the more copies they can print.
3) It helps fund the printing process if there are a bunch of guaranteed sales.
4) It makes me feel loved and squishy. :love:

So pleeeease preorder! Or ask your parents for a gift! Or your friends! It'll be awesome high-quality printing and have lots of extra unseen content!

*Takes off hat*

Did it work?

My webcomic The Phoenix Requiem finally has a publisher! (Again, hah. The first one decided they didn't want to print comics in the end, after having me tied up in a contract for over a year :p)

I'll be joining the awesomeness of :iconshingworks: and :icontracyjb: at 4th Dimension Entertainment.

I don't have preorder or release information at the moment, but for now you can follow :iconteam4d: on deviantArt for news and updates!

I will do full digital realism, cartoon, lineart/manga styles.

Lisys - Commission by artsangel Salmon by artsangel Rebecca - Commission by artsangel The Necromancer's Apprentice by artsangel Sylvanas by artsangel

Waist Up.......$70-$80 (Depending on costume complexity)
Full body......$90-$100 (Depending on costume complexity)
Scenes.........$160+ (Depends on background detail, number of characters, size)

If you want two characters in an image, double the price and subtract $10. For scenes, it's generally $50 per extra character (eg. a three character scene would be $260).

Portraits, full bodies, and waist-ups come with simple backgrounds (ie colour gradients, textures, blurry detail) only. Adding a full background counts as a scene.


Original Characters
Book Covers
Nudity you wouldn't mind your mom seeing
Your mom (not nude)


Super muscled men


Paypal only. 50% of payment is due upon approval of sketch (except for portraits, full payment is due). Remainder must be paid before full-resolution 400dpi image is provided. Due to the fluctuating exchange rate all values are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.


I retain ownership of the final artwork and reserve the right to display it on my website, deviantArt page, and submit it to magazines or artbooks. It will however never be sold, used for profit, or licenced to another without your approval. You may use the image for non-profit purposes only unless agreed otherwise. Full licence agreement is available on request.


Send either a dA note or an email to with the subject "Commission". Please provide a detailed description of the character (pose, appearance, costume, personality) and any visual references or inspiration. For commissions of real-life people, provide either one photo (I will reference it directly, guarantees likeness) or many quality photos from multiple angles (I will use them to figure out face shapes, results in unique image but may not be perfect likeness).

Commissions are first come, first served. Most artworks are completed within two weeks, provided I do not receive too many requests! I should be open for some time and there are no limited slots :)



Right... so I'm gonna start off at the low end here, and work my way up to some full illustrations.

Q: So what are you hawking today?
A: Portrait Commissions. Four of them!

Q: What's that?
A: Full colour head & shoulders of any character (except real life people unless you have AWESOME quality reference of front/side/3quarter).

Q: What do I need to provide?
A: Several good images of the character, plus a description of their personality.

Q: Then what happens?
A: I run away and furiously sketch up an outline. Once you're happy with that, I'll make it all colourful and shiny in my painted style (unless, for some reason, you'd prefer my comic style). I can't accept revisions after it's done, since portraits are quick and cheap. Unless, of course, it's my own stupid fault for getting something wrong that was clearly shown in the reference.

Q: What can I do with the image?
A: Print it, stick it on your fridge, put it on a pillow for your cat, whatever. Just don't make money off it.

Q: What will you do with the image?
A: I'll stick it in my gallery and possibly on my website too.

Q: I am totally cool with all that. How much?
A: $40 via Paypal. Payment due after sketch is approved. Just send me a note!

I hope that covers everything, this is my first time offering commish on dA! :-)


1. Myiven (Finished!)
2. JamGirl0808 (Finished!)
3. Blue6 (Finished!)
4. KermitsGirl (Finished!)
So I wake up and check my email this morning to find that :iconagape45: has gifted me a year premium membership! What a nice Birthday present! Thankyou :hug:
I know, the Convention has been over for a week, so this is kinda late! But in my defence, I have been fighting off a cold (having to take immunosuppresive drugs makes it even more entertaining) and now that I'm sorta feeling a bit better, it's time to write something, at least.

This was my first convention. Also, my first trip to the US, and only my second trip out of Australia. So, it was something of a big deal for me, and a little bit scary. But San Diego is a beautiful city, and I don't think I could have gotten a better first impression of the country. The people were amazingly friendly; in a big place like Sydney, everyone keeps to themselves, so you don't get strangers talking to you. Not so in San Diego, which was quite welcome for this little Australian feeling quite out of her comfort zone.

I met so many awesome people at the con. I didn't really leave my table that much in the end; a shame, because there were a few things I wanted to see but missed out one. But whenever I left for a few minutes it seemed that on my return Bobby Crosby would tell me I missed a whole bunch of people that had come to see me. So in the end I was too scared to leave because I didn't want to disappoint anyone! But the fans more than made up for it, they were all so friendly.

Of course, I also met a lot of other web comic artists, which was the other real highlight for me. People that I've known and followed for years finally have faces! I guess in a sense it makes them 'real' rather than just avatar pictures and text on a screen.

Now, let me see if I can remember all the online people I've known and finally met! Sorry if I forgot any names, just let me know and I'll add you :)

:iconshingworks: Der-shing Helmer from The Meek
:icontracyjb: Tracy Butler from Lackadaisy
:iconnashya: Shatia Hamilton from Fungus Grotto
:iconslimu: Hans Tseng from Directions of Destiny
:iconnhaar: Anne Szabla from Cealdian
:iconjasonbrubaker: Jason Brubaker from ReMind

Stephen McCranie from Mal and Chad

Daniel Govar from Azure

Tom Racine from Tall Tales Radio

Kristen Perry from Guild Wars 2

David Rodriguez from ShadowGirls

I hope that we have a chance to meet up again at future conventions!
Hey guys! I will be at the Keenspot Booth #1229 in the Webcomics Pavillion if you want to stop by, say hello, and pick up a copy of Dreamless! I'll also be at the Keenspot Panel in Room 4 on Sunday 2pm - 3pm. Not entirely sure what's involved in that but I'm sure it'll be interesting :)

I hope to see some of you there!
Please support my ambitions to become a full time professional comic artist! Preorder the Dreamless graphic novel now, and get a look at the ending before the web readers do! :D

The limited hardcover edition even comes signed and has pretty foil printing on the cover, if you like that sort of thing :)…
Wow... as of today, I have been a member of deviantArt for 7 years.

Mind you, about 5 of them don't count. I created my username a long time ago after somebody did pencil sketch copies of my art without crediting me, and I wanted to chastise them.

Then I largely forgot about the site. I had my own art site, and that's where I put my pictures. Then I stopped painting altogether for three or four years and did nothing but comics.

Then a couple of years ago I decided what the heck... maybe I'll start painting again, and put my art up here. It might gain a few new readers for my comic.

Two years and 400,000 (!) pageviews later, and my old art site has gone and this is the only place I put my pictures!

I would like to redo my art site though. Have a nice little portfolio going, feature my best works, link to all my graphic novels.

We'll see ;)
Can someone explain this Kiriban thing to me? I think I have a rough idea, but I figure at least one of you out there would know exactly what it's all about :)
I've been doing a handful of commissions lately, and as a result have been getting a few questions from people asking if I'm openly doing them, what my rates are, etc.

I'm not openly doing commissions at the moment. I have 'accidentally' taken some on (either because I was persuaded to, or because I gave the wrong impression about my commission status and felt it would be mean to turn people away after they tried to hire me :XD: ) but for the time being, commissions are closed.

Come back in three months when I'm unemployed ^^;
They changed the header bar! And other things! Arg! Don't do that, I get confused! D:

It doesn't actually feel like it fits with the rest of the site, TBH :/

Edit: I don't hate the changes, I think there are some good additions. However I don't think the 'new bits' match the 'old bits'. There's now three kinds of navigation (drop down boxes, tabs, and side scrollings) and that's my main concern.

Ah well, not like any of the dA designers are reading my blog (or the millions of other outcries XD)
I'm starting to think that the llamas are a bad thing. It's enough that people obsess over their page views and watchers, now it seems they are going to obsess over how many llamas they can collect.
Really, it just makes things competitive. Why do things need to be competitive? The only person an artist should compete with is themselves. One should never actually strive to become better than somebody else.

Eh, it's new. Maybe the novelty will die down :)

I must say, I do rather like my little super albino llama though.
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That's me, baby!

Nice April Fools, deviantArt :p
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So, I'm pretty sure (like, 95%) that I'll be at Comicon this year. I was hoping to have Phoenix Requiem Vol 1 printed, but that might not happen. I will however be in the Keenspot / Blatant Comics booth promoting Dreamless which will be completely finished. At least, that's the plan :p

So, since I can't sell copies of the book, I could sell some art or posters. Any images in the gallery you'd be interested in buying as a big signed print?
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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2009, 5:18 PM
LOL. I was going through all my +watch messages in my account, looking at galleries and posting "Thanks for watching" messages.

But I posted so many in a row, now deviantArt thinks I'm a spammer :(