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From a script by Bernard Caleo for the 'Tides of Hope' comic book created to raise funds for Queensland flood victims.

Each page of the comic tells a different story of flood survival, written and illustrated by different artists.

The 32 page comic will be available at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane & Melbourne this coming April [link] for $10. 100% of the proceeds raised will be donated.
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It is a great piece you have contributed with. Very emotional with strong imagery and very few words said, just like a comic should be read. I hope they sold out every copy.
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Ah buggernation! I saw that comic at nova, but I didn't end up picking up a copy. I've become a bit wary of the endless fundraisers, as I'm not seeing a lot of desperate folk around me getting much of the other end.

I would have gotten the comic anyway though if I knew stuff like this was what was inside. Wow. They could done better to show the insides off at the booth to get folks attention. If I hadn't been standing there waiting for someone I would of never seen the table. If I had got it I probably wouldn't have been game to take it out of the shrink wrap yet, as from the cover I expected something... well less professional, and possibly even upsetting... and not nearly so inspirational, and brilliant. My bad to the extreme.
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I haven't seen any of the other pages, or even the front cover. Now I'm afraid of how it all turned out as a whole! Well, I'm happy with my contribution at least :)
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Heh, sorry. I'm sure they sold plenty regardless, and all the buyers were pleasantly surprised.
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Haha, eh. Oh man I shouldn't comment when I'm half asleep. Sorry about that slight bit of rabling. Just know it is most grand, the sense of emotion is perfect and I spent about three hours staring at it.
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Fabulous comic. Powerful, and beautiful. Fantastic.
is there any chance it will be coming to Perth too?
is there any chance it will be coming to Perth too?
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Will it be available for order over the net at all?
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The world is a mess right now. It needs a hug and loads of chocolate.
I love your work, I really do.
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Blimey. That's the first time I've seen the artwork. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Congratulations, beautiful work. Particularly great contrast of tone between the two scenes. Thank you.

Bernard Caleo
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Thank you for providing such a good script! :)
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Beautiful! Your facial expressions are amazing!
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Let's be honest. A flood area the size of Europe only killed less then 20 people.
We have it so damn easy.
Vincent-Alliath's avatar
It covered at area that was the size of Germany and France, and at its biggest it covered an area the size of New South Wales. New South Wales and Victoria ALSO then got flooded. In terms of deaths, yeah, we had it easy. In terms of economic damage, we had it fucking terrible. We also had it really easy compared to Melbourne. My sister was working at Flinders Street Train Station when the floods stopped the entirety of Melbourne in its tracks and people began to riot. To fucking RIOT. The most that Queensland had was some idiots going and looking at the rising water, but Melbourne had RIOTS.

Still, if you're going to look at it by a size to death ratio, maybe you should wait until some of the papers on the effects of the flood against the Moreton Bay area come out, because, you know, it's not like that whole area got polluted with mud and debris or anything.
BrazeRancor's avatar
I don't mean it's not terrible. I (fortunately) have never really been a terrible disaster (environmental or man made) since I live is SA, which is probably the most stable place in the world.
This certainly makes it hard to empathize on a truly even level.
All I have is statistics, and when Australians call things (like) this 'the greatest loss of life in Australia' it just seems to pale in comparison to things everywhere else in the world.
Vincent-Alliath's avatar
You know, we lost 512 people in 'nam.

I should also mention that the greatest killer in Australia is Ramsay Street. I mean, how many people have to die there, right?
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Oh, I know what you mean, but you have to realise that it matters A LOT to those who live in Australia. And this comic page is really nice, awesome in fact, and for a great cause :heart:
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Oooh, maybe I might even go and take a look at Supernova for the first time ever just for this.
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Any chance at all this comic will be available to us in the States? I volunteer for the Coast Guard and one of our primary missions is saving people at sea, in the "navigable waters" and the Great Lakes. Those were our guys you saw on the news hanging from helicopters to rescue people from rooftops during Katrina. The topic and cause for the comic are very near and dear to my heart.
artsangel's avatar
Unfortunately no, the comic is limited to 1000 and exclusive to the local conventions.
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What silly girl, I don't think you still have to wait for the light if a flood is going on.
artsangel's avatar
The Queensland floods were very serious, please don't joke about it.
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OMG that's amazing! I am totally going to buy that comic. :D That's brilliant.
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