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Commissioned art for Illinia of [link]
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Looks really cool, but also a bit like a trouble maker, from the expression.
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Tatamkanai, actually. ;)
Who's Tam Al'Thor? I'm curious.
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Character in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
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nice sense on motion. and i'm totally inspired to dye my hair blue :D
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Cool. I like his face and the paintery feel of the drawing (I have a fondness for drawings where you can see the strokes). The blurry background adds a nice haste effect, too.

If I may offer a small bit of critisism (and feel free to ignore me), his pose seems a little... stiff to me. It's something that reoccurs in your drawings, and I remember you trying to rectify it in TPR, but it's still there. Have you practised croquis drawing? Sitting in a mall and sketching people? Getting a feel for movement and fluidness? If not, I think it could help you tremendously, because you already have details, proportions, colours, shading and almost everything else nailed.
Just a suggestion :)
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Magnificent :)

Love the sense of motion this has
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Absolutely gorgeous artwork! I love it!
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Wow, I am just drinking in all the detail!!! O.O

Great job!
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Super amazing! :o
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This is beautiful! For once, a long haired man that looks like a man.

I'm also absolutely envious of the way you use color to define form.
Minkymy's avatar
It's so... alive. I love it.
jacquelynvansant's avatar
I love the sensation of motion. :aww:
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I love this. An inspiring idea of said commissioner to make an elf have blue in his hair. :XD:
InstigatorOfMadness's avatar
i think it's 'her' hair. she has boobs. (though i did think it was a 'he' at first as well, because of the face.)
Nami15's avatar
O_O WHOA! Thank you! XD I didn't look EXTREMELY closely at it >>;; but thanks for putting me right!

Correction; I think its a really cool idea for the commissioner to put blue in /her/ elf's hair!
InstigatorOfMadness's avatar
well, i could be wrong i guess. apparently the commissioner wanted it to be a he. still looks like boobs to me though
Nami15's avatar
:XD: I saw that~ AHAH! Its all good.
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Haha! It's all good!
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*He* does not have boobs!! : P He's got muscle! But I am a girl, so your second sentence is indeed correct.

But I agree, Sarah is the best. I love love love how she painted him (a bazillion times better than I do!).

Also Tam is crazy. That's why he dyes his hair blue, haha.

Illinia sh'Adhemlenei
Nami15's avatar
O_O wait, so I was right about Tam being a guy? I KNEW IT! :D

XD You are a girl! :D YAY!

I like the sound of Tam! He sounds cool. A rebellious Elf is an interesting elf! :3
Yolashillinia's avatar
Hee, thanks! Yes, you were right... :D
Tam is very flattered that you like him. I have to say he does shake things up a lot. XD
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