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I hereby christen the water dragon "Colgate" on account of the fact that my boyfriend says he looks like blue gel toothpaste.

Neirenn from Inverloch [link]

5 ~ 6 hours, PS CS4

Edit: I should have mentioned that this is a redesign of the character, so there's no real sense in telling me 'it doesn't look like her' or 'her hair is the wrong colour' because they are my characters and I have every right to give them overhauls them if I wish ;)
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where can I read Inverloch?
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Just finished re-reading Inverloch. It was my first web comic way back when I was in middle school... wow... now I feel old! XD But it was so great getting to re-read it and seeing all the hints dropped along the way. :) Also, besides being proud about that comic, be proud in knowing you're the reason I now read 80+ web comics, you helped me find a whole new reading medium. :D 
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Brilliant ... Haven't seen the original character ... LOOKS GREAT!
Do you have anything sketched on iPad maybe using Sketchbook Pro? I'm looking for inspiration to persevere as I learn techniques from great artists such as yourself.
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awesome!!Clap Clap +fav 
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I think I may steal some fashion inspiration from this piece
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Love the bubbles in the dragon, Colgate. :D
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I love how you painted the water! And once again, the hair and clothes are just awesome!
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I just love the look of this dragon, it's awesome! :D
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5 to 6 hours? Amazing detail for such short time..
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So beautiful! I love the bubbles in the dragon's nose!
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8D Neirenn is my fave.
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everything about this image is amazing!!!
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I have featured ur work in my blog :) :)
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Yeh i can understand the Colgate naming xD
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Simply stunning. The detail on the hair and in the water is amazing. :D
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this is borderline dragons from, scott pilgrim vs the world. I really like it though.
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I painted this long before Scott Pilgrim came out :)
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this is piece of art is definetely in my top-10 list!!!! it's so great!!!!
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So exciting! I really LOVED Inverloch, it was such a sad day when it was over.
Any plans to revisit the other characters?
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IDK if you actually reply to any comments, but if you do, do yo uhave any tips for drawing/painting/digitally creating water? Tips that a begginer could use please!
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Ah... would be too hard to do that in text, I'm afraid. The best I can say is to find photographs of water and reflections and study them carefully, and paint duplicates.
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Hmm, sounds good. :)
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Amaaazing texture on the dragon. :love:

Also the hand! I love the way you've used blue to make the skin realistic. Looking at my own hand now, it's sort of freaky how clearly I can see the veins, and you've captured that x)
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