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'Ruin' Cover

By artsangel
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Art for an indie book cover.
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wow some intense expressions going on here with the mute colors. It looks great.
gabypunzell's avatar
its amazing you can paint me?
crazychick224's avatar
:D Fortunately, I have the amazing opportunity to read this book. <3
And I must say, the cover is magnificent!!
Great work.
MargotRutgers's avatar
Wow, this reminds me of my favourite illustrator Brett Helquist, for some reason. Awesome!
artsy-geek's avatar
epic epic epic... it makes me want the book :/
sohalia's avatar
Beautiful! It's very emotive and the style is clean and bright <3
catchaotica's avatar
But... which book? Is it for sale?
LoudQuietGirl's avatar
Not yet no, but soon. :) It's going through edits and beta reads right now. The main site is here: [link]
GlassMouse89's avatar
Wonderful face and background. As always, I adore your smoothness and detail level :)
InterloperUX's avatar
The detail on this is *incredible*!
BillMeahan's avatar
Excellent! The girl looks very reallistic.
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aikiro's avatar
Your paintings of people never cease to amaze me.

The light and shadow, person and background are all incredible.

Thank you for sharing!
eternalpuppy's avatar
I REALLY like this. It's so simple, but done so well I can't look away. :worship:
mickyodragon's avatar
loving the wrinkles in the shirt. They look so real!! and the BG is stunning!!
Purplefire40's avatar
I simply adore all of your little details, such as the crinkles in the clothing, the red on the tip of the nose and even the barbed wire on top of the building! Very nice!
AlchemyFox's avatar
Georgous detail! :o
neongir1's avatar
Wow, I just love your art!
Eternal-41269's avatar
Looks really interesting.
kkbook's avatar
You know what, I'm going to the book store just to look for covers with your art on it xD
Sad to say, but I'll often read a book just because it has beautiful paintings like this on the cover ^^" Sometimes, it's an awesomely epic book and that's great, but sometimes I just keep it around for the cover :P
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